New or used dive watch (for less than $500)

Thread: New or used dive watch (for less than $500)

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    New or used dive watch (for less than $500)

    I'm looking for some suggestions to replace my Orange Monster that may have bitten the dust (it's a long story) or to add to my very limited collection if I can get it fixed for a reasonable price (suggestions for where to send it for repair would be great, too).

    Anyway, I have four main cirteria:

    1--Not a blue or black dial;
    2--Up to 42 mm across--I have 7.25" wrists and anything bigger than that seems too big for me;
    3--Automatic movement; and
    4--Not an obvious Submariner homage

    There was a nice used Sumo for sale, but it's bigger than I want.

    Thanks for your suggestions.


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    Re: New or used dive watch (for less than $500)

    Precista PRS-3.
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