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    Revue Thommen

    I just received my new Revue Thommen.
    Thanks to ptolemy, without whose help I would not have been able to
    purchase this watch.
    Apparently, Canada is being compared to Nigeria or some such
    corrupt least to the only seller on e-bay (Germany).
    Wouldn't sell to Canada because of some problems he had with other
    buyers from here.
    Got this one from a private seller, but again, seller didn't
    want to ship to Canada!
    Anyway, ptolemy stepped up and offered to buy this
    for me and forward to me.
    Thanks again Dima.
    So the watch...I'm really happy with this one.
    Never heard of Revue before, but saw it in a sales post and was
    immediately attracted to it.
    It's supposedly a Swiss co. which has been around since 1853?????...
    why is it that every watch co. has been around since the 1800's?
    It's around 45mm without the crown, and it's a sizeable crown.
    24mm lug width, which is nice. Sort of a classic dress diver with
    a mish mash of a style. Looks like they borrowed some styling cues
    from a number of places.
    It has the classic sub look to it with omega type hands, and a large
    knurled crown. Put it all together though, it looks great.
    I really like the flat end to the lugs which in my opinion gives a
    watch a nice clean look whether it's on a strap or a bracelet.
    300M WR, sapphire crystal, and it hacks and handwinds.
    Lume is not very good on the indices, but the hands and the lume pip
    on the bezel glow quite well.It came on a silicone strap, which I
    don't particularily like. It attracts every bit of dust or lint from
    miles around. I will put it on a leather strap for now and try and find someone who will sell me a bracelet.
    Same nonsense from sellers even for the bracelet.
    Here are some pics. Picture quality kinda sucks. It's late here and
    the only light I've got is flourescent.
    The last pic is how it looks on the manufacturers bracelet and I
    ripped it from the ether....apologies to whomever "owns" it.

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    Re: Revue Thommen

    Nice looking watch! I like the look of it on the bracelet. Wear it well.

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    Re: Revue Thommen

    Nice one. My Revue Thommen is one of my favorites. Here's a little history from their website.

    EVUE THOMMEN AG started
    as a Swiss watch manufacturer
    in 1853 founded upon the simple
    principle of uncompromised precision,
    quality, accuracy, exactness, excellence
    and reliability. Today a robust Swiss
    watchmaker culture prevails in every discipline
    within THOMMEN raising the
    meaning of the words “Swiss Made” to
    new heights.
    To quote the Swiss Watch Federation
    website, “’Swiss Made’ embodies a concept
    of quality that has been forged over
    centuries.” To this day THOMMEN
    electromechanical instruments are hand
    crafted by graduate Swiss watchmakers
    and THOMMEN electronic products are
    built with the same commitment to quality
    The obvious pride in their origin is well
    conceived since of the well recognized
    names in Swiss watches for aviation,
    only Omega started before REVUE
    THOMMEN in 1848. Tag Heuer was
    founded in 1860, Breitling in 1884, Rolex
    in 1905 and Chase-Durer in 1995.
    REVUE THOMMEN watches, although
    not as well known in the United States as
    the others, are in daily production and
    REVUE THOMMEN can boast that 4
    recent US Presidents wore, and many
    top aviation industry executives are wearing,
    THOMMEN timepieces.
    World War I was one of the first
    real tests for the practical application
    of the airplane and in
    1916 the Swiss Air Force issued
    the order to THOMMEN to
    design and develop an aircraft
    chronograph. That initial
    involvement in aviation would
    shape the company’s future. It
    was, however, the awarding of a
    major contract by the Swiss
    Military in 1936 that proved the
    turning point in the history of the
    company. REVUE THOMMEN
    was entrusted with the development
    and supply of altimeters,
    airspeed indicators, vertical
    speed indicators, clocks and the
    landing gear for the C-35, a
    multi-purpose double-decker aircraft.
    That contract laid the
    groundwork for today’s instrument
    and machine tool manufacturing
    We spoke earlier of
    THOMMEN’s commitment to
    quality from the outset and
    maintaining exceptional quality
    over the years has required continuous
    attention to the detail of
    constant quality improvement.
    In the latter years of the 20th
    century quality metrics were
    developed and instituted to
    allow consumers to evaluate this
    crucial component in the products
    they purchase. In 1994
    THOMMEN acquired ISO 9001
    Certification and today maintains
    compliance with ISO 9001:2000
    Certification. As an ISO 9001
    certified manufacturer, THOMMEN
    subscribes to high quality
    industry standards in the education
    of their employees and the
    design and manufacture of their
    products. The goal is to insure
    that THOMMEN can consistently
    deliver products and services in
    a manner that meets or exceeds
    customer quality requirements.
    In addition, the THOMMEN
    quality system has been audited
    and approved by the Swiss
    Federal Office for Civil Aviation
    (FOCA). Other quality standards
    met on a consistent basis
    include EASA Part 21 and 145
    requirements as well as the
    applicable FAA TSO’s for instrument
    and software design and
    environmental testing.
    Gedeon THOMMEN took over
    the profit challenged company
    from the village of Waldenburg
    in 1859, and ever since the
    name Thommen has been on
    the employee roles. While not
    exclusively a family business
    having converted to a Joint
    Stock company in 1905, the
    shares of THOMMEN have
    passed from generation to generation
    within Waldenburg and
    nearby communities resulting in
    the company being run with the
    pride of a family business.
    Fittingly, the THOMMEN name
    continues today in the person of
    Otto THOMMEN, the Quality
    The majority shareholder of
    REVUE THOMMEN AG had been
    seeking a successor for quite
    some time and, to the credit of
    the current management team,
    an agreement was struck and
    signed by the parties early in
    2005 paving the way for a management
    buy-out of the company.
    Energy, optimism, professionalism
    and a passion for success through
    growth, typify the personality of
    THOMMEN management and
    those traits will drive the company
    direction both in the near
    term and for years to come.
    stay an independent, privately
    owned Swiss company, small
    enough to be agile and flexible,
    yet strong enough to set the
    pace in the manufacture of avionics
    and pressure measurement
    instruments for niche applications.

    Inside the THOMMEN facility
    Gedeon Thommen,
    Founder of REVUE THOMMEN AG
    4 recent US Presidents wore THOMMEN timepieces
    LITHO USA • BKA • 9/05 • 4.5M • CP
    Current favorites: Sinn 103 ST SA, UTS Chrono

    Have my eye on: Stowa Marine Original, Stowa Prodiver

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    Re: Revue Thommen

    Hey George,

    That arm with the bracelet belongs to me! Where is my royalties?? lol.
    Glad you're liking your RT. I bought the bracelet from the only dealer I know out of Germany. If you want me to pick you up one, maybe we can work something out if you've got a PP account. They ship really fast - in my experience I can have it in my hands in just 3 days after buying on eBay.

    Anyway, She really looks great on stingray too. My watch is being shipped from Canada now. I just got the watch relumed. I love it that much. I'll post some pics asap. PM me if you're interested in ever getting it re-lumed my guy up there has quite a following. Cheers!


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    Re: Revue Thommen

    Great watch from a company known for pilot watches.
    Enjoy it.


    citius, ALTIUS, fortius

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