Seiko Monster Prices are Crazy!

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Thread: Seiko Monster Prices are Crazy!

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    Seiko Monster Prices are Crazy!

    I can remember being able to get a second or third generation Black or Orange Monster for $200 or close to it all day. Now they're way more. So, are they way overpriced now or have they been way too cheap in the past?

    Pics and opinions are appreciated!

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    Re: Seiko Monster Prices are Crazy!

    Too much, I could barely give away monsters for $200 back in the day, I remember they were like $180 new all day everyday
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    Re: Seiko Monster Prices are Crazy!

    I can remember buying some at $125-135.

    Nothing is overpriced if it sells but I’m certainly not a buyer anymore.

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    Re: Seiko Monster Prices are Crazy!

    I got my Dracula for $250 Canadian last year and thought it was a fair price. Pretty amazed they're selling for $500 plus now.

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    Re: Seiko Monster Prices are Crazy!

    One of the first watches I ever bought on WUS sales forum was a first gen minty Orange Monster for $125 shipped in October of 2014. Sold it for $119 shipped in December of 2014. Bought and sold another one in 2016 in the $150 range.

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    Re: Seiko Monster Prices are Crazy!

    They were so ugly to me in 2013 that I didn't take a second look. They look like gold to me now which I cannot afford.

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    Re: Seiko Monster Prices are Crazy!

    I think they are worth $300 in their uppermost range. Beyond that, there are better deals to be had. I really wanted the Zimbe Monster, but I refuse to pay over $500 for any Monster, I don't care how rare it is. Let these greedy sellers hold on to their ultra rare Monsters. The price will come back down to reasonable. Part of what made them so desirable was the fact they were so much watch for the money IMO.

    I am very happy I got mine before they sky rocketed in value. It has been a very fun watch to customize. I don't see it going anywhere, no matter how much someone offered me. The pointed teeth version is awesome!!! :)

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    Re: Seiko Monster Prices are Crazy!

    My Seiko Monster has just this minute come up for sale, will come complete with the original (never used) rubber, a matching leather strap and a Strapcode metal bracelet. LOL

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    Re: Seiko Monster Prices are Crazy!

    Got this SRP309 new off eBay in Spring of 2017 for $224 delivered from Asia and the seller had a bunch of them.
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    Re: Seiko Monster Prices are Crazy!

    I’m glad I purchased mine when I did, it was one of the last gen 2.5 shipments Long Island Watch offered for sale. Shame these are no longer available at reasonable prices.

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