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    Seiko SRPB51

    I just received Seiko SRPB51 watch I got from Amazon. So i followed instructions to setup the watch and found the following issues
    1 Crown could turn indefinitely while winding , could be by design but how long is sufficient for them to be fully winded?
    2. Can't lock the crown no matter how hard or lightly I'm pressing while turning it clockwise
    Any help will be appreciated

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    Re: Seiko SRPB51

    Yep, the crown will not ever stop turning. There is a mechanism to prevent over-winding. To wind fully, you'll need about 40 turns for the 4R36. Or, just wind it a few times and wear it. It is an auto after all.

    I also have this watch, and the threads can feel a little rough when getting the crown started. You might be cross-threading the crown if you're trying to muscle it too much. Just back it off if you feel any weird resistance or 'crunchiness' and try to engage the crown in a different spot. There's no need to push hard. Try again and push it down *gently* while turning clockwise. The threads will seat, and it should screw down smoothly.

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    Re: Seiko SRPB51

    You can just wind and wind the watch as there is no distinct “stop” point. A member on an Oris forum (not WUS) complained about the blisters on his fingers from trying to fully wind his watch. 40 winds will generally fully wind it but if you intend to wear it 12 winds should get things going. When screwing the crown in try depressing it then giving it a bit of unscrew action (anti clockwise) - you can sometimes hear the click as the thread of the crown drops into the thread path of the crown tube. Remember to be gentle with it. If you need to use any sort of force then there could be a problem with the threads.
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