This Squale is going back to the owner
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Thread: This Squale is going back to the owner

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    Picture This Squale is going back to the owner

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    I know, you can read the subject in two ways, one is bad (something is wrong, send it back!), the other is good (thank you for providing the watches for review purposes ). It's the latter, obviously

    Squale offered me to wear the Squale 2002-A and the 1521-026/A:

    Let me start with the verdict: you can't go wrong with either of these models.

    It's a matter of taste, use (the hands and markers of the 1521-026/A are filled with tritium and maybe therefore suits the diver at best?), and about the size of your wrist. The 2002-A wears bigger than the 1521-026/A (still good at 42mm, but looks smaller), and would be my favorite Squale. And that is not only because of its size. I very much like the retro styled case and the superb bi-directional bezel. That bezel needs a bit of down force to turn which is both cool and handy. Especially if you dive and are worried about the sudden turn of the bezel. That won't happen with this system.

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    The uni-directional bezel on the 1521-026/A offers a good grip and the pip (sticking out) lines up quite nicely with the triangle at "12". About the pip, the 2002-A only has a triangle integrated in the bezel. It is obvious that it will never come of.

    The screw down crowns on these models are at "4". The one on the 1521-026/A is slightly to small for my big hands and fingers. The watch needs to come of the wrist to make sure I can get a good grip on it. It needs you to go under the case with your finger to get it screwed out. The crown on the 2002-A is much more friendlier, at least for me. I guess it is also a matter of design.

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    So how do they wear? Well, the 2002-A came on a beautiful and stainless steel milanese bracelet. The removable links have "Squale" engraved on them on the inside. The clasp of the foldable buckle is also engraved "Squale". While I am not used to wear this kind of strap, I must say it is nice, thick and sturdy. Being sturdy, I needed some time to get used to it. It left some marks on my wrist in the first few days, but nothing to worry about.

    Squale offers a nice rubber strap, smelling like vanilla, I like that. It is a comfortable strap, and has the ordinary dive strap look and design. I wonder how this watch would look like on an Isofrane?

    What about water resistance? Well, no surprise either, both are well prepared to take them down deep. funny thing is that the 2002-A has "101 ATM" printed on the dial and engraved on the solid case back. The 1521-026/A can take pressure up to 50 Atm. For this model Squale decided to print "50 ATMOS" on the dial and also engrave the same text on the solid case back.

    For Squale owners it will not come as a surprise, ... I highly recommend Squale as a brand and these two models in particular. They are great value for your money and will most likely serve you for a long time to come. It's a great watch for both divers and desk-divers.

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    Squale 2002-A

    2002- Finally available: the 1000 metre watch with the famous snap-on rotary bezel and sapphire glass 3.5 millimetres thick with double gasket to ensure outstanding resistance. The bakelite bezel is coloured in a multi-stage process. First the phosphorescent material is applied by hand, followed by colouring with varnishes immune to seawater corrosion, and then application to the supporting steel substrate. This guarantees that the component is warm to the touch while guaranteeing excellent bevel legibility thanks to the transparency. Like the model that inspired it, the bezel can always be unscrewed from above. The etched back and the special diving winder. All painstakingly designed details, crafted to make a product that keeps faith with our brand philosophy. The watch’s discreet elegance is combined with reliability, provided for example by the Swedish steels used. Mechanical reliability is guaranteed by the well tried and tested ETA 2824-2, produced by the maker Squale has been working with for around fifty years. This time, the 2002 also features adjustable-length real rubber straps with safety catch to match the dial colour; steel bracelets (also with safety catch) will be available shortly. Latest innovation: Squale turns black with black PVD case!


    Sub 1000 m.
    Eta Swiss 2824-2 self-winding movement
    316L Steel case
    Diameter 43 mm x 53 mm
    Screw-on back and winder
    Press-to-release revolving bezel which unscrews from above
    Sapphire glass 3,50 mm thick
    Lacquered dial with luminescent markers

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    Squale 1521-026/A

    A great watch for great challenges, the most professional of models: depth 500m, precision self-winding movement, lunette in ultra-strong sapphire glass. Technical from the first to the last wheel, indestructible as its reputation, in all-black or steel version, practically perfect!


    Sub 500 m.
    Eta Swiss 2824 self-winding movement
    Black steel case
    Diameter 42 mm
    Screw-on back and winder
    One-way snap-on bezel
    Sapphire crystal
    Black orange or yellow dial
    Rubber strap

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    For more information visit the Squale website.
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    Re: This Squale is going back to the owner

    Amusing title, great write up great pics, many thanks Ernie!
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    Re: This Squale is going back to the owner

    Thanks for the review and pictures, I was a bit curious what the thread was about...........

    "Don't count the days but make the days count."

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    Re: This Squale is going back to the owner

    Great review and pics Ernie!
    Guess we are a bit biased however.
    Maybe now our Aussie diving contingent will come to grips with these

    Alan -Offshore
    Squale Watches by Watchwerx
    Squale Australia
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    Re: This Squale is going back to the owner

    Thanks for the fine review and the great pics, Ernie. As one who knows nothing about Squale watches, I enjoyed learning a bit about them. Cheers, Bill P.

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    Re: This Squale is going back to the owner

    Great review, thanks Ernie.
    I've always been a fan of Squale as they are great bang for the buck.

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    Re: This Squale is going back to the owner

    Title kind of gave me a jump! The rate Squale is going, they are going to deserve their own sub-forum here!
    Why put the watches I have in my signature...The list will change tomorrow.

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    Re: This Squale is going back to the owner

    Thanks Ernie, fun review as always.

    Being the UK specialist dealer for Squale I too have an 'interest'. but they do look cool and are beautifully made.

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    Re: This Squale is going back to the owner

    Great review, Ernie. I always like to see the 2002A get some attention. It is one of the coolest watches I have ever owned. If only I hadn't soured on larger watches ... it likely would have become a permanent part of the collection.

    I paired mine with a polished Super Engineer bracelet to match the case, and it was a stunning combination.

    Anyone who likes this size watch would be well served to pick one up.


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    Datejust 116233Datejust 16233Ω SMPc SUB1000T Project Aware 23/92 T035.410.11.051.00

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    Re: This Squale is going back to the owner

    Great post and read! thank you! I'm thinking about going down the 1521 road I'm just worried about the size (42mm). My sweet spot is in the 38mm - 40mm, how much of a factor would you say the size of the 1521 would play on the wrist?

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