Stuck bezel tips or tricks?

Thread: Stuck bezel tips or tricks?

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    Stuck bezel tips or tricks?

    The bezel is very stiff on my Tutima diver. I soaped it using warm water and used dental floss under the bezel. This helped until it completely dried, but it is still a bit stiff. It is better than it was, but it is still a stiff to turn at some points on the dial.

    Does anyone have suggestions? Should I try soaking in warm, soapy water?

    Thanks in advance.


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    Re: Stuck bezel tips or tricks?

    I had this same problem on a Seiko. Putting a few drops of bicycle chain oil or other lubricant in the gap between the bezel and case will fix the problem.
    I wouldn't recommend soaking your watch in soapy water, it can damage the rubber seals.
    good luck

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    Re: Stuck bezel tips or tricks?

    Like he said, I'd stay away from soap; it leaves a residue when dried, which might further increase friction.
    A tiny bit of weapon oil or such could help, but be sure to use something that doesn't do funny things to your plastic seals. Silicone spray should be save.


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    Re: Stuck bezel tips or tricks?

    in the interest of being on the safe side, i'd suggest the silicone oil, but make sure it really is silicone (lot of aerosol silicones aren't pure silicone)
    i'd stay away from gun oil or bike oil if they're petroleum derativ'd

    i've noticed some of the watchmakers are spec'ing that they're using viton seals and viton has great chemical corrosion resistance
    but we tried viton O rings on something we mfgr and when we tested by soaking in gun oils and hydraulic fluids, they would swell to twice their diameter

    pure silicone is so nuetral to everything - Dow's MSDS sheet actually states you can drink it and it'll pass thru you (molecules are larger than the openings in your intestinal lining - that was one of the reasons it was an early ingrediant in the breast enhancement plastic thingees) - i know that doesn't prove it's non-corrosive to polymers but if you read the dow msds and tech spec sheet, it has zero impact on anything

    for those old enough to remember the Brylcream commercials for men's hair cream, that "a little dab'll do ya", reason it would keep your hair wet looking all day, the silicone wouldn't dry out - the white cream in the tube was basically a filler/vehicle for the silicone) - it also doesn't float off in water

    for what it's worth

    plus, if your dial is acrylic, petroleum derived solutions can easily cause it to haze -

    just a suggestion
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    Re: Stuck bezel tips or tricks?

    Good stuff, Larry!

    For the record, I'm old enough to remember and have used Brylcream, Vitalis, and "Butch Stick" (like a giant chap stick) to keep my flat top haircut in place. :-D :-D :-D

    My favorite diver? Jessica Alba, of course!

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    Re: Stuck bezel tips or tricks?

    Newbie and unrelated question, but concerns the bezel: Does anyone know why the numerals around the bezel ascend clockwise? I'd assume it's easier to use your bezel as a countdown timer. I know some watches are meant to be tachymeteres but I've seen watches with the reverse numerals before.

    Anyway, the DOXA website demonstrates how to use their bezels to calculate no-decompression dive times based on your diving depth. Interesting stuff but it seems counterintuitive to leave out the last step of setting the bezel tracer dot at your deadline time.

    Sorry for rambling on.
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