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    Re: Tuna

    Can be on the thick side for some, but regardless, one of the best dive watches out there, IMHO.
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    Re: Tuna

    Read this old post from Poseidon-Jim from 08/2010 and the Tuna Quartz 7C46 movement won't throw you off anymore, and in fact might flip everything on its head for you like it did for me.

    Quote Originally Posted by Poseidon-Jim View Post
    As "Speedbird" has correctly mentioned, these movements are quality built movements.

    So lets dive alittle deeper into just what this 7C46 quartz movement is, and what features it possesses ...

    First of all,
    The term "Prospex" translated into English terms means (Professional Specifications), and the 7C46 quartz machine is only found and used in the SEIKO Professional Series Quartz Dive watches, namely the Tuna series and the prior Professional Ashtray models.

    They the 7C46 movement & the Tuna series cases, were built with a specific purpose and intent in there specifications and ultimate design; and that was to be the best professional tool divers watch made! (So nothing was spared or held back in there design or quality of manufacture)

    As we know, "Seiko" actually is the original father of this realized quartz watch technology that actually came out of the real world commercial diving industry as a answer to having a divers watch that could handle the rigors of deep depth.
    Thus, they were designed with no cuts in quality or cost saving materials at all; but rather have advanced scientifically developed components and material in there make up.

    The 7C46 is a (Hi-Tech) multi jeweled movement with extreamly "Hi-Torque tollerances and High efficiency" built in over prior 7 series quartz movements, which enable the 7-jeweled geartrain and pinions to motion & turn the hands in perfect sync to the energy-pulse, with much less kinetic effort via the electronic step motors that power them.
    Thus making for a highly accurate and efficient full size quartz machine to perform strongly with much less resistence.

    They also incorporate (dual-rate trimmers) which allow the watch to be perfectly synchronized for extream accuracy, which aid in the longevity and add to there lifespan, while running well with in the stated accuracy specs.

    They also enjoy the added benifits of, Low-Drain electronics while providing High-Torque Power to the gear driven train and Oversized Hands for optimal efficiency & extended battery life. As an added plus, this caliber also incorporates the E.O.L. (End Of Life) Low battery warning feature, of the seconds hand ticking at 2 second intervals when the battery voltage is low, thus alerting the owner its time to replace the battery cell.

    They also provide the Premium Benefits of being designed in a full expanded size, and are incorprated into the advanced Titanium alloy cases that house them, which are also very highly advanced designs on there own rite built with advanced shock protection built-in specifically for this movement.

    The cases also provide "Enhanced antimagnetic Gauss's law & thermal compensational technology, as well as full Helium/Nitrogen gas Prevention & Dispersional technology.

    They simply are just the perfect combination of the utmost in quality craftsmanship, to enable them to easily handle the various extream conditions of Commercial diving found around the globe, in any oceanic environment.

    They also can be completely diassembled for cleaning & service many years down the road; that together with the other quality design features therefore make this movement, the absolute highest quality advanced Professional quartz divers watch movement in the world AFAIC.

    These highly evolved movements, as well as the Tuna series Professional Dive watch cases & components, probably hold more advanced (patent designs) than any other watch in the world!

    Well I gave my thoughts and some facts about these movements, and I hope it helps you to understand just how much quality & technology goes into the 7C46 movement...

    Original thread: https://forums.watchuseek.com/f21/wh...nt-439547.html
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    Re: Tuna

    Quote Originally Posted by ZASKAR36 View Post
    Read this old post from Poseidon-Jim from 08/2010 and the Tuna Quartz 7C46 movement won't throw you off anymore, and in fact might flip everything on its head for you like it did for me.
    When I was considering a Tuna, that thread and several other sources like it did heavily influence my choice to allow a quartz into my collection.

    I wasn't disappointed at all.
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    Re: Tuna

    I've owned three 300 meter Tunas: SBBN035 Ninja, SBBN031 brushed shroud/black bezel, and my current SBBN017 blasted shroud/stainless bezel. Why I like the Tuna:

    . It wears remarkably small considering its 48 mm case size due to the sloped design of the shroud and the hidden lugs. At the bezel, it's no larger than an SKX.
    . It looks great on rubber, NATOs, and bracelets.
    . All of mine exhibited HAQ-levels of accuracy. I set mine during the Daylight Savings Time change in April and it hasn't lost or gained a single second since.
    . Lume is killer, even for a Seiko
    . Most of all, it's a Watch Nerd's watch. Nobody outside of professional saturation divers in Japan would even consider wearing one so if you happen to see one in the wild, you are almost guaranteed it is on the wrist of another watch enthusiast. It will draw zero attention from potential thieves in dodgy countries around the world.
    . Kanji day display is the epitome of watch nerd cool.

    The only thing I would change in the watch is the Hardlex crystal. Its dome is slightly raised above the surrounding bezel, so it gets knocked around in everyday use. I've scratched all of mine and I'm quite gentle with my non-G-Shock watches. To mitigate this my 017 has a Crystal Times sapphire crystal with AR coating installed. Problem solved.

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    Re: Tuna

    I was ambivalent when I first laid eyes on them, then a couple of great WUS photos got me thinking, so I took the plunge.

    This was truly a surprise. Rarely have I opened a watch box and have had my expectations well and truly exceeded.

    My CW white dialed Trident pro is a case in point an absolute stunner. Most of my watches have been, yep, nice watch. Some meh, what was I thinking.

    My Tuna was a complete surprise, a stunner. I love wearing it. My only very minor complaint is although the bracelet is one of the most functional I have, the links are a bit large for my liking. But a very minor gripe.

    Here is a bit of Tuna love on show. And with regard to the quartz movement, apparently it's bomb proof and I love that I set and forget.

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    Re: Tuna

    I have the Ninja Tuna that despite being my only quartz is my favourite! There's something very unique about it, the shroud bezel, the Kanji day date, the beautiful domed crystal, the silicon band that it comes with is so comfortable and you never really feel it's heft.
    I have really skinny wrist but the watch doesn't feel too big. All in all, highly recommended!

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    Re: Tuna

    Thanks for the feedback! Tuna (SBBN033) ordered from AD.... Now - it's in the air...
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    Re: Tuna

    Except me, when I have to take the shroud off for the umpteenth time to clean the sand out of it. Love the look but if you are actually diving the bezel gets gummed up all the time. Just can't do it I'm afraid.

    Quote Originally Posted by Simon View Post
    No one ever regrets getting any of the Tunas

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    Re: Tuna

    Quote Originally Posted by TechDiverGeek View Post
    Thanks for the feedback! Tuna (SBBN033) ordered from AD.... Now - it's in the air...
    Congrats, am late to the game, but it's a great watch

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    Re: Tuna

    7” wrist here and it wears great! I’ve had it almost 8 months now, it’s been on my wrist about 95% of that time. It seemed large at first but now it doesn’t look big to me at all. It’s on rubber now for beach duty but the bracelet is really nice.

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