New Bronzo Lotto???!!
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Thread: New Bronzo Lotto???!!

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    New Bronzo Lotto???!!

    So I received an email earlier today from OP announcing they are releasing 5 Bronzos today and ask if I will be the lucky one to get one????!!!??? So u have to win the lotto to buy it it seems!!! 😂

    Very strange marketing strategy, imo, but hey they’re out there if you are looking...
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    Re: New Bronzo Lotto???!!

    Yeah, I got the same email. Too late for me, as I already made up my mind that the Bronzo is not for me anyway. Unusual marketing strategy, though! And, I didn't even click on the link. So paranoid about getting spam mail, I just deleted it.
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    Re: New Bronzo Lotto???!!

    I can’t say that I care for the marketing strategy. It’s a turn off for me.

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    Re: New Bronzo Lotto???!!

    Lotto for a watch... a Panerai Watch? Odd

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    Re: New Bronzo Lotto???!!

    is this the new approach to make you feel privileged ??! .

    just like Rolex. getting a Sport steel model these days is almost impossible (like: Daytona ceramic/ Batman/ GMT2/ SD43......etc). then if you were able to score one. you feel a sense of accomplishment as if you won the lottery but not realizing that you paid full retail for it (which is a lot of money to begin with).
    that strategy seems to work for very few Brands. i mean so few that you can count them in one hand. so maybe some are trying to copy that style of marketing nowadays ?.
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