What’s on your Pam hit list?
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Thread: What’s on your Pam hit list?

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    What’s on your Pam hit list?

    Currently have quite a few pams but the desire to own more is still so strong. What’s the top 5 on your hit list?

    mine: -

    1. 671
    2. 360
    3. 587
    4. 449
    5. 721

    honorable mention: -
    - 249 but may need to sell 448 first.
    - 232
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    Re: What’s on your Pam hit list?

    127. The grail.

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    Re: What’s on your Pam hit list?

    I’m satisfied with my current collection but if I gotta make a list of my desireable pams,most likely they’ll be the old one

    117 - the only destro marina in titanium with display back,it’ll complete my trio tobacco destro with 345 and 368
    382 - as some of you know my collection is already N-series heavy,might as well adding another special N series into it...
    239 and 358 chronopassion duet to add to my destro collection
    65 or 80 gotta have exotic radiomirs (big date or independent or both?)
    172 and 192 duet just for the novelty of owning watches with “exotic” material
    82 as an original blue dial with MM designation

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    Re: What’s on your Pam hit list?

    I'm thinking a 111, my 183 needs a big brother.

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    Re: What’s on your Pam hit list?

    Pam 111 or Pam 112 Trying to make a decision which one I like more.

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    Re: What’s on your Pam hit list?

    This is a dangerous game

    For me:
    - 615 Titanio Flyback Sub
    - 617 blue dial Bronzo
    - 335 ceramic GMT

    Sadly, the Nery 982 grey/blue Chrono has me like whoa...as does its proposed ~$19K pricetag

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    Re: What’s on your Pam hit list?

    I’m done as the grail 671 is achieved!!

    However if the lotto ticket came up............

    233 definetly, love the dome!!

    Would have said a 127, but having had wrist time with one I honestly prefer my 372 with its base symmetrical dial, and it’s beautiful plexi glass.

    690, just love that blue dial, beautiful!!

    786, set of 2 pre vendome Luminors, always fancied those.

    And that’s about it really, I honestly think I have all my favourites already in my watch box.
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    Re: What’s on your Pam hit list?

    Hmm...I currently have:


    I sold a 372 and 380 recently.

    My want list is quite long:

    217 or 127
    720 or 721
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    Re: What’s on your Pam hit list?

    Already have 2 favourites, 673 and 721. Sold my 424 California in anticipation of the new Radiomir California to be released in late 2019. Very little info available, but I have put down a deposit at local Boutique to guarantee one:

    Name:  B2C0BBE0-FF92-4F37-B87D-0A35108EAAE2.jpeg
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    For now, 673 is getting most Wrist time of any watch in my collection. With the new California, not only will my Panerai collection be complete but my entire collection for the near future at least.

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    Re: What’s on your Pam hit list?

    I like the 968, but will have to see it in person before I decide.
    The 670 is right up there, the blue face looks fantastic.
    Money no object? The 920. As far as complications go, it's a masterpiece, IMO.

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