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    Quote Originally Posted by Karriope View Post

    My suggestion for the 12 index if you want to maintain the circle look is to do a ringed circle - a circle in a circle, or at the very least make it a different size, or make 3-6-9 oblong/oval. Or, you can do double-circles at 3-6-9 and a giant one at 12.
    Ultradome sapphire exists, I believe, but if you really want to push the vintage vibe I'd go with acrylic. However people may find the use of acrylic doesn't match with the idea of the watch being a everyday tough and high quality chronometer. Perhaps you can negotiate with your factory to offer both. I believe also that acrylic, while noted for its look - since it abrades easily, when it gets scratched it clouds, like if you rubbed it with sandpaper. At the same time, some people like that you can just polywatch the stuff, so well...

    My other personal gripe with your design is the dreadful typography. The typeface is much too generic in my opinion and really cheapens the look of the watch if you ask me, but I'm a real sticker for typography so I might be be an outlier in this regard.

    Another point to consider regarding the 12-6-9 regarding diving legibility is the fact that official dive watch standards require the design to have at least some sort of demarcation or design element that is specifically intended to allow easy orienteering of the watch in the dark. Something yours at current does not do. If you blacken your image entirely, you'll notice the only way to tell which way is up is by your missing 3'o'clock marker. It's worse if you remove the bezel.

    If you got with a blue dial, you might want to offer the Rolex-y blue-gold two-tone option, which is pretty popular. Or you could go left field and make it purplish instead so it resembles a tropical-aged blue dial instead.
    Personally speaking I like having a certified chronometer since it does at least suggest to me it'll run within +/- 4 in most circumstances rather than how SEIKO Time Modules can vary as much as 35 seconds, but in my experience my two NH35as have spectacular chronometer-level daily deviations after taking them for some adjustment by a watchmaker. However, since you're planning on the SW300, you can definitely make the watch much thinner, which should also factor into your consideration, compared to, say, a top grade SW200 or a STP1-11. I'm a bit confused here though, I recall that "officially certified chronometer" requires COSC approval, at least by Swiss legal terms. Are you trying to have the watch Swiss Made, or just Swiss Mvmt?

    Going back to the crown, I think the other reason why the crown looks un-vintage to me despite the big-crown vintage trend, is the shape of it... somehow. Maybe because it's deeper than average - it looks like it's at least 5 mm thick, which should help its ease of use, but I'd also note that if you leave it at 3' you might have wrist digging issues.
    That said I just went to check the big crown Sub and I note you have the same general shape, just that yours has a deeper grooved portion. I don't know why it somehow looks non-retro to me. Strange...
    I’ve been ruminating on the feedback to date and experimenting with some modest changes.

    But first let me give a little back story on the brand name and logo. Typsim is a funny, well not that funny - more ironic play on architectural shorthand for “typical” and “similar”. The logo associated with the brand is a simple circle with a horizontal line thru it - basically an architectural reference bubble. While it started as a folly on architectural graphic standards, I like the name and simplicity of the logo. I believe the logo elicits other ideas and references - which gives it some viability.

    Point of that quick aside was to help explain where the inspiration for my 12 lume index experiment came from.

    I slimmed the crown by 1mm, cut 4mm off the lug-to-lug, scaled the 6/9/12 lume plots down a bit, revised the 12 plot shape, and continued to develop the typography.

    RE: Chronometer. The term is not internationally registered nor prohibited from use. If I understood my research, it’s not necessarily trademarked in Switzerland but there is a gentlemen’s agreement in place regarding its use. Besides that, the term chronometer was invented in England...but maybe that’s another thread.
    I intend to have the watch tested and certified by BESANCON Observatory, an internationally recognized ISO3159 testing agency. In passing that test the watch will be certified to perform as a chronometer, hence my plan to use the term on the dial.

    Thanks again!
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    Re: Dive Watch Feedback Wanted

    I like the last update. I would do the 12 marker with just a sliver line horizontally through the center, less than 1/3 otherwise it is pretty much done in my opinion.
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    Re: Dive Watch Feedback Wanted

    yes, legibility in all low light conditions. The 12 index is critical and should be different and large so that the brain can easily determine the time regardless of the watch's orientation. There are not too many dive watches with Arabic numerals, but I really like the dial of the Bretling SuperOcean II, instantly readable! A small indice at the 3 position would be nice if possible.

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