Help ! looking for thoughts on my automatic chronograph design
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Thread: Help ! looking for thoughts on my automatic chronograph design

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    Laughing Help ! looking for thoughts on my automatic chronograph design

    Hello Watchuseek!

    Being a watch lover for for many, many years, it’s been a dream of mine to create my own piece, with a deep meaning to it. I’d love to have your thoughts on the design I got to. I intend to create two watches – one called Alyss (chronograph), one called Blake (classic) - WIP.

    I have not yet looked into colors that much for both the dial and the leather band, so if you have any suggestion I’d love to hear more about it, I’d be happy to try them out! (Although I was thinking about Blue/RosishGold, Black/Gold, Gunmetal grey or more classic White/Black, I would also love a red touch somewhere)

    It is my first watch design and I expect criticism, do not hold back!

    You can find the main specifications at the end
    You can find the main specifications at the end of the thread

    Name:  7753-79.png
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    The ETA-7753, which will be showcased on the back of the watch


    The name of the watches comes from a story I wrote a few month ago “Alyss & Blake” which was a short, cute story about daring to live our own stories to make the best out of life. Here is a recap, for the curious:

    Our hero is an average man, the classic middle-management type. Dragged to a Christmas party he didn’t really want to go to by his friends.
    Standing on the edge of the room by the Champagne, he spots a girl on the balcony talking with her friends. Mysterious and beautiful. His antithesis.
    Their eyes cross for a moment. He excuses himself and approaches the stairs but is stopped by a security guard. Looking back up at her, he thinks, and realises he needs to do something....
    Throughout the story we see his various attempts to reach her in humorous ways. Unsuccessfully.
    Desperate, he sees the security guard checking someone else and makes a run for it. Up the stairs getting closer and closer. But he trips.
    Holding for a moment to build tension. We open our eyes and the woman is above him, offering to help him up.
    Embarrassed but relieved, he stands up and they laugh it off. He introduces himself and the story takes an end.


    Mains specs for the watch:

    Caliber: ETA7753
    Glass: Sapphire (both sides)
    Case material: Stainless Steel 316L
    Band: Italian genuine leather
    Diameter: 42mm

    You can help me answering these:

    Is it too busy ?
    Is it too classic (lack of originality) ?
    Is it ugly ?
    What would you change if it was yours ?
    Should I re-draw the whole thing differently ?
    What coulors would best fit with such design ?
    What do you think about the hands ?

    Thanks A LOT for reading me, this is a very exciting project, but also quite difficult, which is why i am coming to you guys !


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    Re: Help ! looking for thoughts on my automatic chronograph design

    - having both "Alyss" and "Alyss & Blake" on the dial is a bit confusing. "Alyss" reads as logo = brand name, not a watch name. And "Alyss & Blake" reads as watch name. Think "Zenith" + "El Primero". But from your explanation it's not like this.

    - do you really need full-sized pusher at 10?

    - yes, it's too classic, as you put it

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    Re: Help ! looking for thoughts on my automatic chronograph design

    Nice design, but also nothing really exstraordinary. Depending on your approach, you propably ask yourself one very important question: Why should people buy my watch? Don't get me wrong, I want anything but discourage you. Just using this calibre puts you in a premium watches range, where you need to compete with some serious brandnames. If you want to start this as a business, I would say the watch has too less innovative details. If you just want to make one for your private use, I would say go for it.

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    Re: Help ! looking for thoughts on my automatic chronograph design

    I'm with DEPA! if it is for business... you would have many similar pieces in competitionand it would be hard. We all don't know you by person ( style/ person/ etc. . so, if it is for you only ( one piece off) ... go for it and be proud wearing it!

    the case it that classic that you would probably could buy one off the shelf and replace the crystal by a domed one! - so you could get your piece cheaper..... Next would be the dial

    . A good fully featured custom made Chrono dial could cost 500 Euro + as a single piece ( printing templates are a bit costly, but as you would not have any indexes as applica this would not too much more ( as there are probably blanks for the 7753 at the manufacturer's available..

    Check out and click "Produkte" Number 6 on the first portfolio site could be a 7753...

    Those cases should be 7750 - you could have to check for the possibility of modification....
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    Re: Help ! looking for thoughts on my automatic chronograph design

    Welcome to the forums!
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    Re: Help ! looking for thoughts on my automatic chronograph design

    It appears that you are trying to bridge the gap between a dress and tool watch with the hands, dial and lack of lume versus the bead blasted case.

    I like the design and the logo, is there a significance to the logo?

    Here are some suggestions:
    (1) Remove the date it disturbs the otherwise nicely balanced dial design
    (2) The baton should be shorter they crowd the dial
    (3) Try adding sub-second markers to the chapter ring it is after all a chronograph
    (4) I would like to see a cream color dial version, with blued hour/minute silver chrono hand
    and black hands for the sub dials
    (5) I agree with dspt: choose one Alyss or Alyss & Blake, or if Alyss is the model name choose a different model name

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    Re: Help ! looking for thoughts on my automatic chronograph design

    Is there any lume? How will the watch be seen in the dark?

    What does the 10 o'clock crown do?
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    Hi guys ! Thanks A LOT for your feedbacks they are all very relevant and clearly well thought out ! I have been incredibly busy with work this week and I can't wait to answer to each of you as soon as I can finally can get some decent sleep this weekend !

    In the meantime, please leave any comment


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    Re: Help ! looking for thoughts on my automatic chronograph design

    What I suggest that you change:

    1. The hour markers are too long and too thick. Reduce them, maybe add a tachymeter or pulsometer scale to fill up the remaining space.

    2. Remove the date window, or maybe a version with date at 6 o'clock and no hour counter.

    3. I would also reduce the size to 40mm.

    4. Reduce the logo. Though I would just make a normal hour marker at 12, and place a small, applied logo over the brand name.
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    Re: Help ! looking for thoughts on my automatic chronograph design

    First of all, thank you again for your time and insights ! Please forgive me for the delay but it was a very intense week.


    1/ the idea for Alyss to be there was that you would say "here is my Alyss, from the Alyss & Blake brand" rather than "here is my Alyss & blake, the Alyss model". However you are absolutely right, it makes it confusing and I will find a way to fix that.
    2/ No
    3/ It is indeed to classic and thanks to you guys I have plenty of ideas on where it could be going !


    I couldn't agree more and to be honest the reason I posted it here was because it clearly felt like lacking of something special. It was not aimed for business at all but for a some time a lot of people asked me if I could make a Quartz model with this design (or similar), as they would buy it. I am not really into quartz watches hence the reason I come to you for guidances. I would not mind making quartz watches, but could not stand sticking to only quartz. Though decision to make !


    Thanks a lot for your informations, I went through your link and recommendations and it gave me a few ideas as well as inspiration on what could be done. I actually met recently someone from Switzerland who could help me get all the parts needed for the model showed above for a very good price (if I was to make at least 50 of them... hopefully can negotiate on that a bit! :D )


    Thank you ! I've been on the forums for a few months but this was my first post. Clearly the #1 watch forum I could find, very glad !


    You nailed it ! It is what I have been trying to do, although maybe it is a terrible idea, I feel like a watch could both look very classy on a suit while still offering a very stunning movement.
    As for the logo, I would love to be able to produce them properly in 3D as they represent two chain links, linked together. In a nutshell, the meaning is that it should be a constant reminder for the owner of the watch that he has made a deal with the watch to dare to live his story and explore what is beyond his comfort zone (Alyss & Blake is the story that supports the identity of the watch)

    1/ For the date, yes. Been thinking about doing it a few times and left it because it can actually be quite useful. But yeah, it does not quite fit does it.
    2&3/ Noted, I planned on bringing a few more chrono-related features (also considering a tachymeter)
    4/ Really love your suggestion on the colours. Going to give it a try with the next update :P
    5/ Answered dspt, but overall it is indeed confusing, am sorting out a way to gap the bridge between what I want to express and what makes sense


    I originally had lumes on both Hours markers and Hour/Minutes hands but was not sure wether to keep it or not
    The 10 o'clock should be able to records multiples time lapses within one overall chrono record


    1/ I was thinking about adding in a tachymeter or some additional chrono-related features. And perhaps the Hours markers are indeed to "big" overall, making the watch looking a little unbalanced.. Very useful suggestion thanks a lot !
    2/ Date will most likely disappear, unless indeed it can fit properly at 6.
    3/ It would be reduced according to Hours markers. I received some positives feedbacks on the logo being on top so it is a hard decision (compared to having it on the dial). It would make the dial less boring though !

    Again, it is awesome to be able to have your feedbacks and it really brings a lot to me as this clearly is not (yet) my field of expertise !
    Should anyone have more to add, or other suggestions, they are always welcome

    Have a great week !

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