How do you choose a movement? design?

Thread: How do you choose a movement? design?

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    How do you choose a movement? design?

    I'm new here and I was looking at some project published in this section and I mind how to pick a movement. I'm a total newbie, this is how I see it: First you have to choose between quartz or automatic, once you go automatic which are the factors to pick a movement over another? size of the case? let's say I have a 38mm case 7mm thickness, I know there's an ST18 made by seagull, how to pick a miyota movement based on this? Do you have to cut the case based on the movement?

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    Re: How do you choose a movement? design?

    Miyota 8215 or 8205 will be same size 11.5 ligne as the ST18 but bit ticker your 7 mm case might not work for miyota
    you will also need the movement ring for proper movement seating.
    Miyota thickens 5,67mm
    ST18 thickens 3.6mm

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    Re: How do you choose a movement? design?

    For that thickness you'd be looking at the Miyota 9015. For a higher price you could look at the ETA 2892 and Soprod A10 but if you were considering paying Swiss prices then I guess you would have said. So let's presume that you're choices are the ST18 and 9015. You need to first of all research customer comments on watches with these movements to be sure that one of them will suit your aspirations for this watch (reliability, timekeeping, finish, extra features). You will also need to find out availability and cost of these movements. Only after you have decided on the movement should you start the detail design as all the dimensions will be unique, especially since the external size that you are aiming for will have quite limited internal space.
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