Decisions, decisions...Tutima DI 300

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    Decisions, decisions...Tutima DI 300

    Have a chance to get a virtually LNIB Tutima DI 300 with black face with box and all papers and MAYBE a chance at transferring the warranty for a total of $750 shipped.

    I looked at a similar watch in Denver a few days ago and really liked the way it looked on my wrist. Refurb price was $1050, new was $1400. Providing this watch is actually in the condition the seller states, this seems like a good deal.

    Anyone with any experience with the watch? Pros or cons? Not quite sure on this one since resale on Tutimas seems kinda "iffy", though this seems mostly through being a relatively obscure brand name than through poor quality. On the contrary, I can't really say that I've found any negative posts in the research that I've done on the brand.

    Any thoughts would be appreciated.

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    Re: Decisions, decisions...Tutima DI 300

    All I can say: You´ll be impressed with the overall value of this watch.

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    Re: Decisions, decisions...Tutima DI 300

    i've never own one, but i really like the simple and minimal design, day/date, all titanium construction. i wished they uses brighter lume though. (form vs function ... bright lume (SL C3) doesn't look white under most light condition)

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    Re: Decisions, decisions...Tutima DI 300

    I have a Tutima Flieger GMT. I bought it used about three years ago and wear it almost daily. I have been very satisfied. Tutima might not be a particularly well known name, but they make an excellent watch for the money. If you like the watch and it is as represented, it sounds like a good purchase.

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    Re: Decisions, decisions...Tutima DI 300

    I had a black dial DI300. My impressions:

    Excellent build quality and detail
    Awesome luminuos glow, lasts all night
    Tutimas are very accuarte
    comfy bracelet

    Ti is light, and I missed the weight of ss
    1/5 second graduations on dial are unnecessary

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    Re: Decisions, decisions...Tutima DI 300

    Tutima are a very solid brand,making some excellent watches to a military spec.

    The DI300 is a nice legible watch on a very good bracelet,the Ti finish is a personal thing some want light some prefer weight your choice.

    At $750.00 you are getting a good deal,even at $1050.00 not a bad buy,i would not want to pay full AD though.

    The only reason for why market in pre owned is not great is brand familiarity.

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    Re: Decisions, decisions...Tutima DI 300

    Tutima makes some nice watches.....

    I have the Nato Ti and the FX chrono UTC. Both great but I am biased in favor of the Nato Ti, which should have a similar case and the same bracelet as the one you are considering.

    You will not regret it.


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