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    Glashutte Spezichron 11-26

    Hello to watchmaniacs and for the maintainers of this site ! I'm from Romania.

    I want to present my inherited watch. As you can see in the title it's about Glashutte Spezichron , calibre 11-26. It's not a regulary watch because on the back case it's the signature of E. Honecker. Honecker gave my grandfather this as a present in the 1980. My grandfather took part, representing Romania, to a meeting in 1980 named "Waffenbruderschaft" in Magdeburg, Germany.At this meeting took part all the nations that signed the Warsaw Treaty. This watch was made especially for this event and there were no more than 100 watches like mine made. Those types of watches were made for the german marine commando KSK18.

    - Automatic;

    - 22 jewels;

    - 200 m water resistant;

    - Dial especially for military divers;

    - The pointers are special for divers very bright (mine aren't so bright :D );

    - The case is made of steel by Reister and Nittel Pforzheim;

    - 36 mm without the crown, 15 cm thickness, 45 mm height;

    - 28 800 V/H balance frequency;

    And now please watch some photos. Sorry but i don't have a photo with the movement. I won't open it without the special tools.

    Wristshot with Nato Strap

    With leather strap

    Nice dial :D

    The original box

    With the metal strap

    The caseback

    Thank you for watching my review,

    Harega Octavian

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    Re: Glashutte Spezichron 11-26

    Welcome to Watchuseek and welcome to the German Watches Forum as well.
    I moved your post from Reviews to this forum.

    Attached you will find a pic of the GUB 11-26.

    According to former members the Kampfschwimmer have been supplied with several types of watches. First huge Russian diver watches, then [if the funds were sufficient] Glashütte Spezichron diver´s watches and then in the later 80s the Ruhlas.

    Attached Images Attached Images

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    Re: Glashutte Spezichron 11-26

    "Manover Waffenbruderschaft " was a military exercise, correct??
    Was your granddad in the Roumanian Army?

    A very nice watch.

    Treasure it, not only because it is a Family heirloom, or a very nice example of what could be achieved by the normally very mundane Glashutte watchmanufacture GUB,
    but for the historical significance!

    Now, in 1980 there were 2 huge Warsaw Pact maneuvres, one in East Germany and one in one of the Baltic Soviet Republics.
    I know because my unit were placed on full war alert, fully equipped for invasion/war. The bulk of the Swdish Armed forces were a couple of notches up on the alert scale.

    We were very ready for you guys!
    I am happy it was just an exercise, because I would probably not be here now.

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    Re: Glashutte Spezichron 11-26

    Congrats~Looks terrific, cheers!

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    Re: Glashutte Spezichron 11-26

    Thank you for all your feedbacks! And yes, my granddad was a colonel in the Romanian Army.

    Do not forget to be the best for the Christmas :D

    Merry Christmas !

    Tav Harega

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