DC80-Black, an honest review
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Thread: DC80-Black, an honest review

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    Hello all,

    I just responded to a request of my experiences with my DC80-Black and it occurred to me that this might be useful to the larger community.

    I've been looking at this watch alot lately. I just may need to pull the trigger. If you don't mind what are your pros and cons. Thank you for your time.


    Okay where to begin ...

    About color/style: I opted for the DC80-Black and I can say that after all these months, it still has that "new" look. It's an aggressive looking watch but somewhat less so due to the fine machining style of the bezel when compared to other bezels which have bigger teeth. I'd say the DC80 standard would be the easiest to adapt for most wear but given the choice I'd still go with the black. Of course I have other watches so I can switch over as per the what I wear for that day.

    About wrist size: Mine is 6 3/4 and as far as I'm concerned it fits like a glove. Therefore, a wrist the same size, or larger, is optimal. Because the watch is heavy, I wear the standard strap that comes with the watch snug at the 2nd hole otherwise any possible sliding will be distracting. This is not a watch you can wear loose. A bigger wrist might help though.

    About thickness: for an automatic chrono the thickness being just a little over 14mm is quite thin which impresses me. I can wear it under most of my everyday shirts. But to tell you the truth I've changed my habit as now, when possible, I wear my sleeve slightly rolled up allowing the watch to be exposed at all times.

    About the bezel: Although one can opt for both the count-down and incremental, I am so happy I opted for the 12hr one. It not only does the GMT time-zone trick but it allows me to track multi-hour activities too. I've found that in real life being able to move the bezel in both directions is so practical to adjust for unexpected events when one is forced to change timing calculations. Try doing that with a digital watch! All the reviews are correct when it comes to turning it, there is no "accidental" twisting. I know I'll get flamed by this but if anybody really wanted to go "casually" diving I'd say this is one watch you can use, the fact that it is bi-directional is such a plus for me. It feels like the bezel will never get loose.

    About the chrono: This is why I bought my watch. Having a central minutes chrono is such a magnificent no brainer choice compared to the standard tri-compax. The chrono is clear under ALL circumstances. Try tracking time when holding a log over your head and you'll agree.

    About time accuracy: You know, I think a person could wear this watch for a month and not really notice any significant loss/gain of time. For me the watch does speed up daily but thus far we're talking about a couple of seconds over several days.

    About setting the time: Unscrewing and screwing the crown is easy. I can tell by pulling on the stem that the watch is designed to have a date complication because there is an intermediate pull. Pull hard on the stem, and you'll hear it click, before you set the time.

    General wearing: My watch is multi-purpose, I wear it everyday AND I depend upon it in the wilderness too. I travel alone and where I go it can be less safe than walking in a dark alley way in a seedy part of town. Therefore, I want to have the best equipment with me i.e. low tech and robust. So far I've been in mostly temperate climate so swapping the wrist band for a NATO is my normal habit. I'd suggest a rubber wrist band for the truly "humid" environments.

    Servicing and Reliability: I am happy with my watch but it has been a work in progress. I've had to return it for servicing a couple of times. As far as I'm concerned this is new technology and because I'm in IT experiencing issues and bugs is something I see all the time. The great thing is that the service has been excellent. The watch is being improved continuously and everybody benefits when I bring up issues to Damasko, although I have been impatient getting the watch back.

    Hope this helps in your deliberation.
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    Re: DC80-Black, an honest review

    One last thought; as good as I find the DC80, if it was possible to make one slight change it would be to swap out the bezel pip from its current lume to a tritium pip. Under very low light conditions, such as dawn, when there's been no exposure to any light source the bezel loses its distinctiveness against the indices and hands. Using tritium makes the bezel extremely readable in this absence of lighting.

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    Re: DC80-Black, an honest review

    My DC80 is only 13,6mm high.
    And in every function and detail perfect.
    Tritium loses his function every 12 years to half and ger colour change to brown.
    Not a good deal.
    I turn directly light on it before i am in the dark.That works at my DC80 more than 8 hours !
    You are right,head only is 106 gramms. Sometimes to heavy for me......
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    Re: DC80-Black, an honest review

    Hmm, my mistake about the thickness. You're right, it is only 13.6mm.

    In regards to the half life of tritium being only 12 years, I'd like you to consider the following truths:
    - there are no published stats indicating how long super luminova lasts i.e. makes it hard for an "honest" apraisal don't you think
    - a well taken care of quality watch will very probably see maintenance long before 12 years go by at which time one just gets new lume

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    Re: DC80-Black, an honest review

    My Swatch is from 1994 one of the first with Luminova.
    After 25 years it is white in colour like day 1 and all night long glowing in the dark.
    And this watch was nearly on every place in the world.
    Fore a moon trip,we will work on it ;o)

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    Re: DC80-Black, an honest review

    Could you elaborate a little on the reliability issues?
    I've had my eye on this watch for a long while now...


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    Re: DC80-Black, an honest review

    Thus far, I've returned the watch twice for servicing my DC80 Green-Black;
    - service 1: The chronograph minute hand would stick at about the 7 minute mark, even though the center second hand was active
    - service 2: The start/stop button fell off while I was in hiking in the mountains

    Both of these issue were resolved long ago and have not recurred.

    There is a third issue: when the chronograph is reset instead of zeroing at 12:00 it now resets two seconds before at the 58 second mark. I have as yet not asked for a servicing because I wanted to see if anything else would happen in the interum. It's been several months now and the watch has worked without flaw. I hope to contact the AD soon, in the next few weeks, asking to send it back for servicing.

    I hope this helps both to those people interested in the watch and Damasko as they read this post.

    Even though I've had my challenges, I still recommend this watch. It is beautiful, solid and when there have been issues the service has been always prompt and profesional. I have good impressions of both Gnomon Watches and Damasko.

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