Accuracy results 2019
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Thread: Accuracy results 2019

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    Accuracy results 2019

    Hello Everyone,

    Just a status of my HAQ collection, including visits to the Service center fro the DS 2 Chrono Titanium and the Longines VHP:

    Citizen Chronomaster AQ4020-54Y (Tosa Washi paper): After uninterrupted 15 weeks (from January 2019) the the accuracy is 6.5 spy.

    I do not think I will send this to Seiya-san, just for so little a difference (knowing the bad experiences I and others had with Citizen Service Center). During Mars, I worn it as specified by Citizen: every day, around 12 hours a day, without showing any significant change on the stated accuracy. At least, it is less than 10 spy .

    DS 2 Chrono Titanium: 7 weeks after repair (movement change), the accuracy is an excellent 3.92 spy.

    What not to love: Independent hour hand for timezone change and daylight saving adjustment, extremely light (titanium), and offering a chronograph. Two weeks ago I started wearing it everyday, 12 hours a day, but as before, not significant changes in accuracy.

    DS 2 Chrono Reverse Panda: I love reverse panda watches, and this one was just $ 300. 6 week ago I pulled a little too hard the crown so I stopped the second hand, and should start to measure again. Since that moment, the watch shows an accuracy of 9.25 spy.

    Just at the limit of the specified accuracy by Certina, so nothing to complain. Of course, I would like it to be as good as my Titanium. I have not tried to wear it every day yet, but it may behave like the Titanium and not chose any big difference.

    Longines V.H.P 41mm: After 6 weeks, ti is doing 4.13 spy.

    Also, near the stated specification but, this time it is 5 instead of 10, so not bad at all. I have not tried yet to wear it every day, perhaps there will be improvements.

    Well that is it for now. The Swatch service center has been very efficient and has increase my confidence on a correct repair, in case any of my Swatch Group watches is in trouble.

    Thanks and regards,


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    Re: Accuracy results 2019

    Thank you for sharing your results

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    Re: Accuracy results 2019

    Last June, I purchased a Precisionist 96B158 on Amazon for $164.50. When I set the watch to EST in November, it had gained less about 3/4 seconds. When I reset to EDT in March, it had gained about 1.5 seconds. It has gained about 1/4 second in the past six weeks.

    Keep in mind, YMMV, I'm doing this all by eyeball. What I find odd is that two weeks ago, Amazon was selling this watch for $299, 80% higher than what I paid. Amazon now shows that item out-of-stock.
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    Re: Accuracy results 2019

    I've gotten my hands on a few Bulova Precisionists for a good price. $129 for the blue face 96B257 (now $199), $224 Bulova Grammy Rubber Strap 98B294 ($204 on Amazon now) and the Rose Gold 98B267 @189, down to $180. All pretty stellar timekeepers. Seems like they gained no more than a fraction of a second since the DST switch last month.

    I just like autonomously stable watches. Just toss it into a draw for a few months and hardly need to set it.
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