Anyone with a HAQ vs. mechanical dilemma?
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Thread: Anyone with a HAQ vs. mechanical dilemma?

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    Anyone with a HAQ vs. mechanical dilemma?

    Hi everyone,

    I have been a serious watch lover for the last 10 years, and like the simplicity of a one watch "collection". I have had mostly mechanical automatic watches and love the micromechanics but I am obsessed with precision so I keep lurking back to the HAQ world...(I had a Grand Seiko SBGF017 but sold it and now just purchased the black dial version SBGF021, it is just such a cool watch).

    Just wanted to know your particular reasons to favor HAQ over mechanical watches. IMO mechanical watches are a thing of magic, after servicing one of these, winding it up, seeing it starting to beat, is just fantastic. The downside -of course- is that in practical terms, you need to wind them periodically (even if they are automatic) or just can't leave them on a drawer and don't worry about resetting them. I would also dare to say that they are more sensitive to being magnetized by all the gadgets we handle on a daily basis. Also servicing them gets pricey...

    On the other hand HAQ watches (and quartz in general) have they own magic, the quartz crystal oscillator and the electronics involved are a feat of precision and engineering creating a super accurate, practical, and reliable machine, less prone to being magnetized and cheaper to maintain in the long run. I wish there were as many high end designs and options available as with mechanical watches..

    What's your opinion?
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    I enjoy both... love my mechanical watches, but also like the idea of super accurate, grab and go quartz that’s finished as well as many higher end mechanicals. Today is one of those days. 😀
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    Re: Anyone with a HAQ vs. mechanical dilemma?

    The technology behind a HAQ is a lot more than a mechanical. However the mechanics are much more easy to "see" and "understand", that is why maybe a lot of people are fascinated by mechanical watches. As for me, a HAQ is simply the best watch to own since it is accurate and it doesn't need a lot of maintenance (just a battery replacement).

    Unfortunately the luxury brands prefer to put their efforts into the mechanicals so I have to admit that the best looking watches are still the mechanicals.
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    Re: Anyone with a HAQ vs. mechanical dilemma?

    Also enjoy both, so no dilemma. As I've written elsewhere, watches are both tools & jewelry/toys, & for me at least, quartz sits more on the tool/utility end of the spectrum & mechanicals on the jewelry/aesthetics end.
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    (Almost) every watch a tool watch.

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    Re: Anyone with a HAQ vs. mechanical dilemma?

    I am moving further and further from mechanicals. Can't stand the fussing and delicacy (even on a so-called "tool" automatic) anymore. Quartz accuracy, even on a non HAQ basic quartz, is 10X that on even the best mechanical.
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    Re: Anyone with a HAQ vs. mechanical dilemma?

    Quote Originally Posted by tomchicago View Post
    I am moving further and further from mechanicals. Can't stand the fussing and delicacy (even on a so-called "tool" automatic) anymore. Quartz accuracy, even on a non HAQ basic quartz, is 10X that on even the best mechanical.
    I fully agree, to top it off the quartz watch is vastly cheaper to keep over time to boot.

    The downside is most every watch mfr. reserves their best dial/case designs for mechanicals. That's the only reason I even consider a mechanical watch.
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    Re: Anyone with a HAQ vs. mechanical dilemma?

    I like both mechanical and my quartz pieces and never considered having a one watch collection. But if I was to go the one watch route, it would be one of my automatics, probably the Navitimer.

    Fortunantely I don't have to make these choices.

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    Re: Anyone with a HAQ vs. mechanical dilemma?

    I do have both, but HAQ watches are getting more wrist time for sure because its always ready (perfect for just pick one and go) and I am always busy (pick up a mechanical and setting the time takes time). And knowing that they are always accurate is a big plus as well.

    And also this is why I lean more towards no date watches. Less time to set the watch (if mechanical), or I only have set it twice a year (if HAQ, for DST, unless its a perpetual cal)
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    Re: Anyone with a HAQ vs. mechanical dilemma?

    Mechanical watches are amazing little micro machines. I can appreciate them for that. But a few years back when I had a couple of automatics, I got tired of two things. First, to keep one running, I either had to wear it, manually wind it, or put it on a winder. I felt like I was serving the watch rather than the watch serving me. Second, it never showed time accurately. Granted, it could be close. But I hated having to check it occasionally to see how much it had wandered. I finally got fed up with it and sold them, even though the Seamaster I'd modded was a lovely thing to behold.

    I still liked the Seamaster look, and they did make quartz models, so I started looking at them. On this very forum, I learned that the Omega quartz movement was actually a branded ETA movement. I also found out that Longines had used the same base ETA movement for their VHP line by adding thermocompensation circuitry. So...I hatched a plan to create a high accuracy Seamaster. I found a NOS Longines 237.2 thermocomp circuit board on Ebay and swapped it into the Seamaster. This particular circuit board also gives you the ability to calibrate the accuracy of the movement. That was about 3 years ago. I have worn that one and only watch for that entire time. I still read about and watch videos on beautiful mechanical watches. But I also remind myself of why I didn't like them and then look down and appreciate the nice looking, super accurate watch I have.

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    BTW...I also added a second hand and bezel insert from a Planet Ocean. That drives lots of Omega folks CRAZY! They always claim it's sacrilege. But it's my watch. I'll do with it as I please. :)

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    Re: Anyone with a HAQ vs. mechanical dilemma?

    I'm also in the camp of those slightly disenchanted with "tool" mechanical watches. A HAQ will always be a better tool watch, in that it will tell the time more accurately, never wind down, and be generally less susceptible to shocks/magnetism. My last daily automatic had a metallic hairspring, and it ended up magnetised once every other month or so. While a watchmaker can demagnetise quickly (and often for free), I got tired of the hassle.

    That being said, when I've worn HAQ for a while I do miss the stutter-step of a mechanical seconds hand. Someday I want either a spring drive or a Bulova high-frequency quartz just for that smooth second hand motion.

    My solution when I really miss the anachronistic charm of a mechanical watch is to break out an antique Waltham rolled gold pocket watch.
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    Art is how we decorate space. Music is how we decorate time.

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