Information about the Golay Marine Chronometer CM2N

Thread: Information about the Golay Marine Chronometer CM2N

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    Information about the Golay Marine Chronometer CM2N


    I got this Golay Marine Chronometer CM2N 78002 from an estate sale a short time ago. Personally I don't know anything about it, but it looks interesting. The case is in great condition.

    The problem is that I know watches, but don't know marine chronometers, so I hope the members out here can help me out.

    I tried to put new batteries in, but for some reason it doesn't fire up. I'll post some pictures of the Chronometer in question, so hoping with some help I can get it to work.

    As I can't find that much information about it, I'm eager to know about it.

    Also hoping to know the value of such a piece, fully working, as the prices that I saw on them very quite a bit.

    Thanks in advance for any info possible.

    Here are some pictures:

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    Re: Information about the Golay Marine Chronometer CM2N

    Did you come across this post already?

    There is quite a bit to be found about the Golay via the search.

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