Rattle sound from a new Seiko SACM171
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Thread: Rattle sound from a new Seiko SACM171

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    Unhappy Rattle sound from a new Seiko SACM171


    I just received my Seiko SACM171 and when I shake it a bit, I can hear something moving inside (or maybe it's from the strap pins). Does anyone else with this watch encountered it?
    What would you recommend I do? I am not so sure I can find a good watchmaker in the area anymore...

    Thanks in advance!

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    Re: Rattle sound from a new Seiko SACM171

    Sorry for being facetious, but if the watch rattles when you shake it then the first response that leaps to mind is "don't shake it". And now that I have got the unhelpful response out of my system, it just comes down to four questions:

    1. Is it a 'broken/seriously defective'-sounding rattle or more of a 'I'm quite disappointed by the build quality of this model' sort of rattle?
    2. Given that it's a a SACM171, I am guessing it was bought on-line. What are the terms of the sale? See answer to Q.1 and work out if it is possible / economical to return it.
    3. If it was new, is the warranty intact and is there a Seiko service centre available to you (either nearby or by post)?
    4. Depending on what the nature of the problem is, it may be fairly straightforward to resolve either by stuffing in a slightly larger spacer or by tightening something up. Or it could be seriously defective. Only an in-person inspection by a trained professional will give you the definitive answer, but if you haven't got a watch maker local to you then you might try a jeweller's or other quasi-qualified watch dealer/repairer for an initial inspection and some free advice. It could be something quite common that they have seen a hundred times before.
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    Re: Rattle sound from a new Seiko SACM171

    1. Unfortunately more of the 1st option. It seems like there is something loose which shouldn't be.
    2. Did send the seller a message and waiting for a reply.
    3. Need to check about the warranty. The watch is new with tags from Japan. There is a service centre, but it is a bit far.
    4. Will check!

    Thanks for the advice

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    Re: Rattle sound from a new Seiko SACM171

    I’m pretty sure you are hearing the spring bar pins. Look at the drilled lug holes for easy strap change.....the holes mean easy change but allow room for the tinyist bit of movement.

    Hold the strap tight against the back of the watch. It should go away.

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