My apartment in Honolulu, HI (Mo'ili'ili) was burglarized on August 3, 2019. The burglar climbed through my bathroom window and stole this skateboard , an LG V20 cellphone, credit cards, $800 cash, and almost my whole watch collection including a 2017 Rolex Milgauss with box & papers (model 116400GV, serial number 984056Q9), Omega Seamaster (model 2254.50, serial 81475565), Rolex Explorer I (watch was later recovered), Seiko (model sarb035, serial unknown), Seiko (model skx007, black dial, serial unknown), vintage gold dial Omega Seamaster, and a few replicas including a Tag Heuer chronograph and Rolex Milgauss. A couple of the watches are unique - The Seamaster 2254.50 has some deep scratches on the bracelet, and the sarb035 has an extra micro adjust hole drilled into the clasp.

I immediately reported the burglary to Honolulu Police Department then went out to check all nearby pawn shops. Waikiki Gold & Silver ( ) said a woman named Tiana Soto (AKA Tiana Venne) came in trying to sell the exact replicas I had stolen from me. They claimed they didn't buy any of her watches.

I went back to Waikiki Gold & Silver a week or so later so they could put their surveillance footage of Tiana on my USB drive. While I was waiting for the footage to transfer, some guy came in trying to sell a Rolex Explorer I. Long story short, I figured out it was my Rolex, put it on my wrist, and he ran out of the pawn shop. He is about 5’5” - 5’8”, 165-175 pounds, maybe 25-35 years old, possibly Vietnamese, and has very short shaved (almost bald) hair with black sleeve tattoos on both arms and no facial hair.

I posted about my burglary on Reddit and someone started asking me all kinds of questions about it and claimed he knew the thief and was "on to him". I answered his questions then all of a sudden he stopped all contact with me. Pretty suspicious.

I feel Waikiki Gold & Silver may have bought my watches or know who the thief is. The surveillance footage they gave me of Tiana is very clear, while the footage of the bald guy is suspiciously blurry. Plus the worker at the pawn shop said he would talk to the store owner about getting me footage of Tiana, but I found out after the bald guy incident that the guy I was talking to was actually the store owner. Why would he hide the fact that he's the owner and the one in control of the surveillance footage? Plus it took a week of nagging him to finally get the footage even though he kept saying he would get it to me that day. Owner is a white guy named Zachariah Eisenberg who has a few criminal citations related to his pawn shop business.

$1000 Paypal to anyone who can find my watches (Milgauss and Seamaster 2254.50 are the priorities).

Here's the police report: