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Baselworld, the world‘s leading Show for watches, jewellery and gemstones, is pioneering a brand new and innovative approach to communication: an intelligent Chatbot, ‘Baselworld Live News‘, which will relay live news about the most important brands and the show via mobile messaging services such as Facebook Messenger, WeChat and Telegram.

“This Chatbot ‘Baselworld Live News’ now allows us to offer more interactive, instantaneous, direct and personalised communica on,” says Sylvie Ri er, Managing Director of Baselworld. “Thanks to this new and highly e cient channel, exhibitors will now have a direct link with exis ng and prospec ve customers. In this way, we are moving from global communica on to direct and personalised communica on in real me, which allows us to bring exhibitors and visitors closer together more quickly,” explains Sylvie Ritter.

The new digital o ering will be intelligently networked with exis ng electronic media such as the Baselworld website, the e-catalogue and the Baselworld App. The future is digital, and the vast majority of the popula on is already being informed via smartphones and par cularly via social networks. Thanks to the ‘Baselworld Live News’ Chatbot, visitors and interested par es can access all the show informa on in real me wherever they are located.


In the future, each visitor will be able to ask the ChatBot ‘Baselworld Live News’ to compile news according to their personal interests. For example, they can choose whether they want to see all the news or only be informed of the latest news on watches, jewellery, precious stones or certain brands. They can also search for speci c brands or keep abreast of events through push messages. All they need to do is subscribe to the corresponding Baselworld channel on Facebook Messenger, Wechat and Telegram from March 2018.

The benefits of the 'Baselworld Live News' are undeniable: visitors will no longer receive random informa on about current products and trends, but they will be able to access all important informa on in real me, depending on their needs, or prepare their appointments individually. Every subscriber who nds a new product or interes ng piece of informa on, can immediately share it with their team or relay directly via social networks.

As of 1 March 2018, you will be able to subscribe to ‘Baselworld Live News’ !
Baselworld – The Premiere Show

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