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Baselworld: Hublot is very innovative with materials and movements. Which innovations will we see among Hublot’s debuts at Baselworld?

Ricardo Guadalupe: We continue celebrating “The Art of Fusion” this year by presenting the Big Bang Red Magic. It’s the world’s first watch made of brightly coloured ceramic. Our in-house R&D worked for four years to achieve this feat. Furthermore, we are continuing to create and develop new models based on sapphire: we are one of the only brands that have been able to industrialize this material in such large quantities.

Baselworld: Beside innovation, how important is quality for a watch brand?

Ricardo Guadalupe: The quality of the product is key. It is great to present a stunning timepiece, but it must be able to resist ageing and wear on its owner’s wrist.

Baselworld: Why is it important for Hublot to be present at Baselworld?

Ricardo Guadalupe: Baselworld remains by far the most important gathering for the watch industry.

Baselworld: Hublot works with important celebrities, some of whom we can meet at Baselworld. How does this enrich the brand?

Ricardo Guadalupe: At Hublot, we go where our clients are! We continuously focus on our customers. We cultivate our partnerships in accord with our clients’ interests to better cater to their needs and their expectations. Football, cars, art and music are examples of areas where our customers are. For instance, we partner with the FIFA and the UEFA, which are the two most important organizations in the football universe. We also partner with Ferrari, which is surely the world’s most famous car brand. We do things differently than other traditional watchmakers, in accord with our motto “First, Unique, Different”. Before we start a new partnership, we conduct thorough research to fuse our world with the ambassador’s world. That’s “The Art of Fusion”!

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Ricardo Guadalupe’s passion for watchmaking began while he was growing up in Neuchatel, Switzerland. After having worked for many legendary Swiss brands, he was appointed CEO of Hublot in 2012.