BaselWorld 2018 Preview: Alexander Shorokhoff - Squirrel and Peacock (Press Release)

Thread: BaselWorld 2018 Preview: Alexander Shorokhoff - Squirrel and Peacock (Press Release)

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    BaselWorld 2018 Preview: Alexander Shorokhoff - Squirrel and Peacock (Press Release)

    Alexander Shorokhoff
    The new pieces of art from the Heritage-line

    Stories to be told
    Alexander Pushkin belongs to the greatest writers of the Russian literature. He won millions of hearts in Russia and all over the world with his fairytales, novels and stories. All of his great stories are told in a colourful, emotional and charismatic manner. It is only consequent that the Heritage-collection includes a watch line dedicated to Alexander Pushkin. Alexander Shorokhov himself is an enthusiastic fan of this outstanding artist.

    2018 stands under the motto "Time for Emotions", therefore two new handmade unique watches will be produced and exhibited at the fair in Basel. These are the models “Squirrel“ and “Peacock“. And the two watches tell their own special story:

    You find yourself in the deepest forest. Warming sun rays hardly are getting through the dense leaf canopy. It is quiet and peaceful. You can hear nothing but the noise of your own steps and the birds singing. Suddenly, you see two squirrels cheerfully jumping between the branches of a nearby tree. Everything around you is in full of harmony, quiet and peacefull. You are in the middle of a fairytale – this time not written by Alexander Pushkin but created by Alexander Shorokhoff.

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    The designer has transmitted this harmony and idyll to the watch dial. For this, the two squirrels and the branches are produced as separate elements using a CNC-machine. After milling they are engraved by hand. Working with highest precision the engraver creates the squirrels face and fur. Afterwards, the branches and leafs are covered with enamel, also by hand. Then, the dial gets an exquisite guilloching and is rhodium-plated, before the gold plated squirrels are applied.

    Alexander Shorokhoff uses for this watch the Russian movement cal. Z2009. It is completely re-worked, skeletonized, hand-engraved and refined. The screws are blued. The watchmakers assembled all components into a case of stainless steel with a glass back. No matter from which side you have a look at this watch –a real artwork has been created.

    The second story tells us about a country faraway. Here it is warmer and sunnier, exotic trees and flowers grow and other scents and emotions are predominant. Hundreds of miles away from the forest with its squirrels, there is the same peaceful and quiet idyll but with other animals. A peacock struts and proudly spreads out its tail showing his gleaming turquoise and blue feathers. What a fascinating scene that transmits a feeling of natural beauty and genuineness.

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    Alexander Shorokhov conveyed this feeling into the dial of the watch „Peacock“. This dial is also treated on a CNC-machine and afterwards engraved by hand. In the next step a range of see-through enamel in different colours is applied. The body of the peacock shines in deep blue colour. The feathers are covered in green, yellow and blue enamel whereas the wings and the crown shine in red colour - a wonderful combination to express admiration and elation.

    The time can be read by the blued hands at the inner ring. This ring is also covered by enamel. The case is made of stainless steel and has sapphire glass on either side as well as a hand-engraved ring. The leather strap in blue colour is matching with the wings of the peacock. The watch movement cal. Z2009 is re-worked, skeletonized, handengraved and refined as well.

    These two objects of art of the line “Alexander Pushkin“ belong to the Heritage-collection and will be presented for the first time, at the exhibition “Baselworld 2018“.

    Technical data of the watch models “Squirrel“ and “Peacock“

    Case: Stainless steel case, polished and brushed with vaulted sapphire glass with antireflective coating on top and sapphire glass back; 5 atm waterproof; diameter: 36,6 mm; height 10,5 mm

    Movement: Manual winding caliber 2009 Zarja, hand-skeletonized and hand-engraved; 21 jewels; blued screws; power reserve 38 hours; functions: hours, minutes, seconds from centre

    Strap: Louisiana-Croc, Pin buckle

    Retail: 25 pieces of each model available at 4.995,- EUR
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