BaselWorld 2018 Preview: Bold New Colors for Czapek & Cie

Thread: BaselWorld 2018 Preview: Bold New Colors for Czapek & Cie

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    BaselWorld 2018 Preview: Bold New Colors for Czapek & Cie

    Bold new colours for Czapek & Cie’s unique engine-turned dial pattern

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    Czapek’s first engine-turned dials, using the distinctive “ricochet” design, were launched last autumn in two colours: Aqua Blue and Sea Salt Grey. The Sea Salt Grey version shows off the detail of the engine turning and the distinctive angle of depth of the grooves that can only be achieved by hand turning on a rose engine. On the Aqua Blue version, however, the colour hue changes with the reflection of light, allowing aesthetics to get the upper hand over the technical finish of the engine-turned pattern. Just two different colours therefore create two highly different aesthetics. Czapek & Cie now takes this even further with the introduction of some colours rarely seen on engine- turned dials.

    “It’s important to have a twist in the watch’s design with a disruptive element,” explains Czapek & Cie CEO Xavier de Roquemaurel. “It took us a year to find the engine turning pattern that we wanted and to stand out from the tens, if not hundreds, of existing historical motifs. Nevertheless, we think that there are still many new possibilities that we can look into to develop this even further. The same is true for the dial colours, for which we believe few other brands offer such a bold selection of colours.”

    Perhaps the best example of this is the “Black Prince” model, which pairs a black ADLC titanium case with a galvanised black engine-turned dial. The limited edition of 15 pieces is distinctive enough by day, but applications of SuperLuminova on the hands and hour markers add an extra sporty touch that differentiates it from the rest of the collection. The new “Havana brown” and “Slate Grey” models are equally distinctive with the warm tones of their dials and will be available as a strictly limited edition of just 15 pieces in a rose-gold case for the former and ten pieces in stainless steel for the latter. For these three models, the bold colours of the dial are enhanced with a galvanic coating that plays with light reflections, meaning that the tone of the dial can change according to different light conditions – a characteristic that was popular on the first “Aqua Blue” version.

    Even bolder, however, are the “Red Rhubarb” and “Rainforest Green” versions, which will be available as limited editions of just 10 pieces. In this case the colours are so bold that a galvanic treatment would have been impossible, so Czapek & Cie opted for a lacquer coating on the hand engine-turned finish.

    These new watches offer a range of dial colours that subordinate the notion of gender to that of style. The first two new models, the Aqua Blue and Sea Salt Grey, are available in the 42.5mm and 38.5mm case sizes, the Black Prince, Havana Brown and Slate Grey models are only available in the original Czapek & Cie 42.5 mm case. The Red Rhubarb and Rainforest Green models are only available in the new 38.5mm case that has been a hit with the ladies (but not only the ladies!). Given that these engine-turned dials are all handmade, they are only available as strictly limited series of between 10 and 25 pieces. Each series is unique and identified by a letter of the alphabet.

    Czapek & Cie has chosen to keep these new models engine-turned dials at the same price as those with the grand feu enamel dials, even though the hand engine-turned dials actually cost slightly more to manufacture. That’s good news for the Czapek faithful and anyone looking for something different in terms of design and colour combinations, with retail prices starting at 14,800 Swiss francs for the stainless-steel models, rising to 18,000 for the titanium and 25,900 Swiss francs for the gold.

    About Czapek & Cie
    François Czapek was a Czech-born Polish watchmaker who fled to Geneva in 1832 after fighting in the Polish uprising. He immediately started his own atelier and in 1839 entered into a partnership with Antoine Norbert de Patek, introducing him to the world of watchmaking. In 1845, at the end of their partnership, he created Czapek & Cie and achieved considerable success. He became the official watchmaker of Napoleon III and opened, what was most likely the first watchmaking boutique on the Place Vendôme in Paris. He wrote a book about watchmaking, one of the first ever written in Polish. Unfortunately, he died before publishing a second one. Czapek & Cie has been revived in 2015 with an exceptional collection, whose leading model won the Public Prize in the Grand Prix de l’Horlogerie in Geneva in November 2016. This collection takes its inspiration from an 1850’s Czapek time piece. It features a beautiful enamel dial and is powered by a 7-day proprietary movement, perfectly combining craftsmanship with design and exclusivity with rarity. The company is headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland.

    Czapek & Cie

    Rue Saint-Léger
    1205 Genève Suisse

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