presenting their first power reserve model launched in the Mark Collection

Coinwatch has always valued the functionality and practicability of its watches. Collections bearing the brand’s name all feature a thematic style. Amongst them, the Mark Collection symbolises the brand’s pursuit for excellence. A variety of functions and styles are available to cater for the different requirements of the wearer. The first power reserve model of Coinwatch launched in the Mark Collection.

A timepiece does much more than telling time. It also reminds people of the transience of time, and encourages people to make conscious use of their time. However, when a watch stops running and fails to tell the real time, then it no longer matters. Some people may feel anxious about mechanical time pieces, because they worry about forgetting to wind it up. Even if it is an automatic watch, estimating its power condition can be difficult. In the light of such concerns, Coinwatch specially launches its very first power reserve watch – the C183 model – in the Mark Collection. Powered by the reliable Swiss-made ETA 2897 automatic movement, it comes with three hands and a calendar, as well as a power reserve indicator so that the wearer always knows the power conditions and wind up the movement in a timely manner to prevent the watch from stopping.

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Stylish structure formed by geometric patterns

The word “Mark” has multiple meanings, including the former official currency of Germany. In fact, the stringent and reliable image of Germany has inspired the aesthetic creation of the Mark Collection. The C183 power reserve watch of the Mark Collection is especially particular about the configuration of details. Using geometric patterns and polishing, the watch is dressed up to show ingenious details.

The elegant and sophisticated 42 mm stainless steel case features a brushed and polished finishing. The style is based on the US dollar coin circulated in the 1980s. Housing a dodecagon interior, the rounded case is decorated with mirror-polishing and radiating ripple marks. The textural differences create contrasting layers under light reflections. The see through caseback set with an amber to give the movement a new palette. The iconic style was applied in the predecessor model C163, which was received by unanimous praise. Re-appearing in the C183 model, the design is enriched with a power reserve indicator and a newly-designed dial, fully demonstrating the innovative ideas of Coinwatch.

Ingenious layout for clear display of information

Located at seven o’ clock of the dial, the large power reserve indicator is the centrepiece of the C183 model. The power of the movement is conveniently visible, thanks to the well-thought-out layout. The power display disc has a thick outer rim carved with concentric circles to emphasise its importance. Satin polished markers are matched with black numerals and an exquisite dipper-shaped hour hand. To further emphasise on the power conditions, the display disc is added with a gradient arc measure, where a colour block is placed on each of the two ends. When the hand slips into the red zone, power is about to deplete, and it is time to wind up the watch.

Formed by layers of circles, the background of the dial and the power reserve disc go hand in hand. The outer ring of the dial is the marker circle with numeric minute indicators. They are right next to stereoscopic rectangular hour indicators and matched with luminescent hour and minute hands so that time can be told very easily. The dial is also decorated with a number of details, such as concentric circular designs, stain finishing, polishing and ring-shaped polishing, etc. The different textures echo with each other from inside out to create a diversified visual effect.

Coinwatch has a unique strength in extracting the essence of coins and inject it into its watches. The C183 power reserve watch of the Mark Collection once again illustrates the talent of the brand. Three executions are available for the model, namely stainless steel (C183SSV), stainless steel with rose gold PVD (C183RBK) and stainless steel with black PVD (C183BBK). They are matched with grey, brown and black genuine leather straps, respectively. The dial, hands and markers are made with different palettes to match with the case and to perfectly present different styles. All three models are launched as a limited edition of 999 pieces.