Need advice on this model NH8385-11E.

Thread: Need advice on this model NH8385-11E.

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    Need advice on this model NH8385-11E.

    I am planning to get this model but I hv a concern. How tough is the ion plated surface? As it is black color, I'm worried that light scratches might be very obvious? Or will it wear off due to sweat etc? Hoping to get some feedback. Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Need advice on this model NH8385-11E.

    Unless it’s DLC which is as tough as old boots the coating will wear eventually, especially around the clasp if you’re a desk diver. That said though I see no valid reason not to get the watch as the black coating shows marks no worse than polished steel does.

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    As with anything, if you take care of your watch it will last for a long time. Light scratches shouldn't be a concern and sweat will definitely not impact the black ion plating.
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