A rare JDM Citizen - The Adorex
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Thread: A rare JDM Citizen - The Adorex

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    A rare JDM Citizen - The Adorex

    Here's my newly acquired near-NOS condition Citizen 8000 Adorex, definitely something that I don't see very often. The Adorex was supposed to be Citizen's Japan-only lineup of mid-tier watches back in the 70s (think Seiko Lord Matic), but never achieved much success due to poor timing, poor distribution, and inability to dilute Seiko's monopoly.

    Nevertheless, the 8000 automatic movement was a technical wonder in its day:
    -25 Jewels
    -Uni-directional rotor
    -28800 BPH
    -Quickset day/date in both Japanese and English
    -Instantly-changing day/date at 00:01
    -Manual winding (feels very much like a 2824)
    -Full balance bridge instead of balance cock
    -Crown-operated fine adjuster. Yes, the crown must be pulled out to a 4th stage (beyond time-setting) for adjust to be done. Doing so requires a substantial amount of force and is not recommended to anyone with brittle fingernails. That said, this design must've been intentional to prevent accidental activation.

    The watch itself is similar to...other watches of the era. One piece case (no caseback), conservative styling, and all stainless steel. The dimensions are quite odd, since the watch measures 38mm in diameter as well as lug to lug; making it essentially a square. Also, it has 20mm lugs with curved spring bars as if the thing wasn't already weird enough.

    Name:  IMG_20190608_105115[1].jpg
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    And another picture of the back (with original sticker). Made in June of 1975.
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    So how well does a 44-year-old presumably unused and unserviced Citizen perform? I've done no adjustments myself.
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    Color me surprised! But the amplitude is irrelevant since I don't know the correct lift angle. If anyone does, feel free to comment it below. But this watch is definitely a keeper!
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    Re: A rare JDM Citizen - The Adorex

    Congrats, its in fantastic condition and love the blue dial. Wear it in health.


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    Re: A rare JDM Citizen - The Adorex

    Nice Adorex! I have found this one 2 months ago.....Like it very much!

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