*Low-Tier* Watch No.6 -> Citizen ?Orca? BN0015-07E [Review] : Bergkamp10

Thread: *Low-Tier* Watch No.6 -> Citizen ?Orca? BN0015-07E [Review] : Bergkamp10

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    *Low-Tier* Watch No.6 -> Citizen ‘Orca’ BN0015-07E [Review] : Bergkamp10

    Citizen 200m Diver BN0015-07E

    Watch Specifications

    Brand: Citizen
    Model No.:BN0015-07E
    Origin: Japan
    Date of Purchase: December 2010
    Package: Box, Instruction Menu, 1 Year Warranty
    Movement Type: Eco-Drive
    Display type: Analog
    Water Resistant: 200m
    Diameter: 48mm with crown (45mm without crown)
    Case thickness: 14mm
    Strap Width: 15mm

    Pre-Purchase Evaluation

    1. Design of dial resemble a Turtle Shell
    2. Big looking watch
    3. Eco-Drive technology
    4. Unique two color lume combination (Blue & Green)
    5. Affordable price for such a high quality timepiece
    6. Light weight (Made of Titanium)
    7. Made by Citizen Japan, a reliable & reputable watch-maker

    Citizen 'Orca' BN0015-07E (Gallery)

    Post-Purchase Evaluation

    Citizen Eco-drive, an amazing technology breakthrough in watch-making. Compare to the problematic Seiko Kinectic watch, Citizen Eco-drive watch is reliable and have earn applause around. On 1995, the first Citizen Eco-drive watch was produced and till now, they have produced over hundreds of reliable Eco-Drive watch. However, I failed to get a hand on any of these.

    Anticipating, I finallyset my eyes on owning a Eco-drive watch after all this while. Of all the wide range of Citizen Eco-drive watch, I manage to narrow down my choice to only 2 of the Eco-drive model, 'Ecozilla' & 'Orca'. These two watches stand out the most for me due to their uniquely design dial and their big wrist presence. 'Ecozilla' looks like a rugged tool watch with its gigantic size. However, I was push off by the heavy price tag. On the other hand, 'Orca' even though measures smaller than the 'Ecozilla', is no small watch. Its uniquely design dial reminds me of a 'Turtle Shell', instead of a 'Orca'. (Will be explained later) 'Teenage Mutants Ninja Turtle' being my childhood favourite, 'Orca' certainly top my wanting list for Citizen Eco-drive watch.

    Citizen 'Orca' comes in two dial color, Black and Blue. The blue dial reminds me of the relaxing feel of the blue ocean. However I felt that, with the combination of the soft looking dial design and the blue dial color, the watch look way too 'Circus Like'. My final pick would be the black dial 'Orca' which in my opinion, looks more tough, like a serious dive watch.

    Measuring at 48mm with crown, the 'Orca' sits big on one wrist. Most divers watch are usually aggressive looking and wears heavy, however the Orca was on a different chapter. It is very light weight thanks to its titanium build. Even though it might not be aggressive looking, but it has the soft & gentle yet unexplainable hidden fury look which resemble exactly how a 'Orca' is.
    Orca= Killer Whale

    A killer whale might look like a soft & gentle sea creatures to you but you wouldn't want to mess with it. If you think that killer whale are way too inferior to the great white shark, then you should take a look at this video:

    'Orca' (Killer Whale) is known as the King Of the Sea. They are not only big in size and but also possess extremely high inter-lecture with clever hunting technique. Their looks are way too misleading to anyone, (Thanks to the Movie: Free Willy), that portraits a killer whale as one of the sweetest sea creatures that can be a man's best friend. Free whale-ride anyone??
    Lesson learnt No.1 : Don't judge a book by its cover.
    Lesson learnt No.2: Movies are purely for entertainment.

    So how does Citizen BN0015-07E gets its 'Orca' name? Most watch enthusiatics sees the design of the white hour making with the black color dial resemble the appearance of a 'Orca' (Killer Whale). However, in my opinion, I thinks that the design of the dial resemble more of a 'Turtle Shell' :

    Yes,it does resemble a 'Orca', but in other way! The misleading appearance as a soft looking watch (in actual a 200m ISO6425 Diver watch) truly resemble a Orca appearance. Moreover, the shape of the watch case with its domed mineral crystal resemble the shape of a 'Orca' (Killer Whale):


    Besides the interesting features of the watch I meantioned, the lume is another highlight of the watch. The lume consists of a mixture of blue and green lume. Blue lume, being the signature of Citizen watch, is one of the reason why one might choose a Citizen Diver over a Seiko Diver which only offers green lume. In conclusion, the watch is highly recommended to one that prefer an extraordinary designed diver watch with an impressive blue and green lume and whom is sick of having diver watch that weight a ton. Well, that's me! A one of its kind watch that definitely won't disappoint any sea lovers out there. Sea Turtle or Orca or Killer Whale?? U name it! It's a transformation of these sea wonders to a wonderful timepiece- Citizen Eco Drive BN0015-07E.

    For more pictures: Review: Citizen ‘Orca’ BN0015-07E | How To Build A Watch Collecti


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    Re: *Low-Tier* Watch No.6 -> Citizen ‘Orca’ BN0015-07E [Review] : Bergkamp10

    Too bad they discontinued these. Wish Citizen would use 20 or 22mm lugs though.

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