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    Hello all... I'm new to this technology and maybe a Lil ignorant too! But I've recently bought a watch collection and I've found a new appreciation for this new hobby. Anyway I bought around 50 watches and know very little about em. But have done some research on some. But I'm not comfortable enough to price any of my watches.and I really need to make a sale. So I can go out and buy more. Now none of mine have papers but all are in good shape and I've even got most of em running just by replacing the batteries. Some are swiss and require no batteries. Anyway I need any advice I can get right now... I plan on later, getting a lot of em appraised but can't afford it right now. So if anyone is willing to throw a fellow watch lover some advice I'd greatly appreciate it. Signed Jerry..

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    Re: Advice

    Aloha jerryandtina2015,
    Aloha from Honolulu, Hawaii Jerry
    Jerry try to post a few pictures to see what you have there. That would help greatly.
    Maybe couple group shots to see what you have.
    Aloha LongBike

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