Advice on Citizen bracelet adjustment

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    Advice on Citizen bracelet adjustment

    Apologies if this is in the wrong forum (I'm a new member) but I'm looking for advice on adjusting the bracelet on my new Citizen (Red Arrows) Skyhawk AT (JY0100-59E). I would like to take out a few links but I'm concerned that it might be fiendishly tricky, like my two Seiko Monsters were. Does anyone know if there are any tiny collars or other components I need to be aware of losing? I have looked on YouTube for instructional videos but can't find anything, although I previously found numerous Seiko Monster videos. Any advice or links gratefully received. Many thanks, Julian.

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    Re: Advice on Citizen bracelet adjustment

    I have taken a couple of links from the bracelet of my Skyhawk and I don't remember any special issue. Of course the use of a pin pusher is better than hammer & nail.

    When I face a bracelet unknown to me I use to lay on the table a large white sheet of paper so that should a collar or other stuff fall off while pushing out the pin it does not get lost.

    BTW welcome to the forum!

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