Authentic citizen or not?

Thread: Authentic citizen or not?

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    Authentic citizen or not?

    Hi guys,
    its been a pleasure that i have registered into this site. I am very new here and i dont have any idea while im still on the process of exploration how to use and the like in this site.
    forgive me if i have just replied without any connection to your posts.

    i believe you guys here could help me about finding out the model and the autheticity of my watch.
    i currently bought an automatic citizen which i like it because its small and automatic( usually thick and heavy than quartz).
    the reason why i bought this because i was inspired with my japanese teacher who bought this watch 9 years ago here in the philippines and still is now functioning well with no repairs or problems.
    so i bought same model just with different dial color.

    please help me or any idea about this type of model and is it authentic?

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    Re: Authentic citizen or not?

    Citizen Watch Co.
    Water Resist
    St. Steel
    4-R17987 RC
    6 2 5 3 3 1

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