brief overview of the H820-based AT3037
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Thread: brief overview of the H820-based AT3037

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    brief overview of the H820-based AT3037

    First day wearing the new Citizen AT3037, and flying cross country with it. Perfect trip for the H820 movement.

    Micro-review: this is, to my eye, the best looking of the stainless H820 models Iíve seen. I like some things about the titanium models, but they all have silver/gray/black color schemes, and I was in the mood for something with a bit of color. The ti models are also much more expensive. Many/most H820 models, including this one, have sapphire crystals. Iíve seen this color configuration as the AT3036, 3037, and 3065. I assume theyíre identical watches for different markets.

    This watch is big, probably 44mm, which I love on my wide 20cm wrist. Itís also heavier than what Iím used to, around 105g on the leather strap. In contrast, my all-titanium PMD56-2951 is maybe 95g on a bracelet, and my other PMDs on leather or nylon are probably under 60g.

    The signed butterfly clasp adjusts easily, and is more comfortable than the clasp on the BU2020 Calendrier series, which I found irritating.

    Lume seems fine so far, I havenít really tested it. I was pleasantly surprised to find the small second time zone hands lumed as well. Besides the four hands, thereís no other lume on the watch.

    The second hand is perfectly aligned on the markers all the way around. The polished faceted 5-minute indices are shiny and lovely. The face is a pleasant dark textured charcoal that looks a bit lighter from some angles. The chapter ring is gloss black. The bezel is also black; no idea if itís DLC or some other treatment. The case is a mix of polished and brushed, with moderately curved short lugs.

    The crown isnít screw down or signed, but I love the contrasting black and subtle knurl. The watch is 20bar WR, so no complaints there. The crown and pushers click satisfyingly.

    I havenít tested the (global) radio reception yet, but will attempt a manual sync this evening. It was set to Beijing time when it arrived, and setting it to US time zones & DST was fairly easy. Adjusting the second time zone to wherever is also easy, and the ďhomeĒ and ďlocalĒ time displays can be swapped by pressing both pushers. Thatís a killer feature for travelers.

    Finally, it has date, day of week, AM/PM/24h, power reserve, radio sync status, and summer time indications. You can change between automatic and manual summer time changes if you use the radio sync. Thereís an alarm that I probably wonít use. It is a typical digital watch beep, not particularly loud. Easy to set.

    Overall Iím thrilled to get this much watch for under $400. There are other steel & sapphire versions of the H820 for under $300. Citizen has a winning movement and model line here.
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    Re: brief overview of the H820-based AT3037

    Argh. Meant AT9036, AT9037, and AT9065. How embarrassing.

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