Citizen 4004-52E Review
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Thread: Citizen 4004-52E Review

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    Citizen 4004-52E Review

    Citizen 4004-52E ReviewName:  23398b.jpg
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    I was looking for a watch which had a lot of features, that offered good value as well.

    I've poached some pictures from google images, but the comments are my own.

    On my list was

    • solar power
    • atomic time
    • sapphire
    • water proof
    • luminious
    • metal bracelet
    • 12/24 time
    • alarm
    • chrono
    • multi time zone

    I looked at a few Citizen models, as well as the harder to find and more costly Casio Oceanus. But went with this because it had all of the above.

    The gold tone accents on various retailers web sites don't look as good as they are in person. In addition the various models in the 4000 series which have dark bezels (or coated ones) do not look as nice as the ones with stainless faces, but that's a personal view of course. The bezel seems to have two tones as well. Name:  Citizen-Perpetual-Chrono-AT-Watch-Review-3.jpg
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    The detailing of the dial is very impressive, and despite presenting a lot of information is not too busy, nor incoherent. Name:  Citizen-Perpetual-Chrono-AT-Watch-Review-2.jpg
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    For those with smaller wrists it's a big masculine watch (44mm dia, 13mm thick) so it wears a bit bigger than what I'm used to. But on the flip side, people compliment it when before they might not have noticed it. At my employer staff tends to wear nice watches, so that's surprising that it even gets noticed. The sapphire crystal sits flush inside the bezel, btw.

    When I got it, all I had to do was just make a selection for daylight savings time or not -- everything else was good to go: power, time zone, and the time. The atomic timekeeping feature is quite impressive and in my house it gives a strong sync every night. The second hand halts at night / when its not moving, and when jiggled suddenly wakes up. It's odd but cool.

    There has been some debate/discussion about the lume. It's a little better than some other comparable Citizens that offer Atomic time, but it's not that great in my view. It will under normal daytime indoor use seem to stay bright for a bit after sundown. But if you wake up at 2am or something and peer at the watch, I don't find the lume to be that great. Still I'm glad to have it, and it seems brighter than the 8000 series I was looking.

    This model is a good value, and has many features for the money (~$300 shipped CONUS). It feels solid and I hope to get many years of service out of it. There isn't much commentary about the 4000 series from Citizen, but I find them very impressive in terms of the technology they offer at an affordable, accessible price point.

    Thanks for all the info I learned here lurking.
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    Re: Citizen 4004-52E Review

    Beautiful watch, it's a perfect combination of a sports watch/dress watch, Citizen make some stylish watches, but this one would have to be one of their best.

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    Re: Citizen 4004-52E Review

    I picked up the Macys exclusive version for 50% off, I could not be happier. One of my favorite watches.
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    Re: Citizen 4004-52E Review

    That is a slick looking Citizen! Definitely something that can be dressed up or down!

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    Re: Citizen 4004-52E Review

    Anyone own one for years now? if so how is your gold tone holding up? I've had mine for 3 weeks and have considered returning it to Kohl's out of fear that its going to fade. I plan on rotating with 3 other watches depending on suit colors for work or worship.

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