The Citizen AQ1030-57H
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Thread: The Citizen AQ1030-57H

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    The Citizen AQ1030-57H

    Hi everybody!
    We have prepared a review of The Citizen AQ1030-57H.

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    This is one of the best models created by Citizen. This luxury watch is entitled to
    compete with the Grand Seiko and Royal Orient best models.

    The Citizen perfect mechanical watch shall be presented in another review. Today
    our attention is focused on the solar powered quartz AQ1030-57H model.

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    The Citizen Quartz watch is appearing to be the most accurate watch in the world;
    potential accuracy movement constitutes +/- 5 seconds per year.
    The AQ1030-57H model is distinguished by the attractive dial color, which is graphite.

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    The watch case and bracelet are manufactured of stainless steel, the length of the
    bracelet combined with the watch constitutes 22.5 cm. Polishing is excellent, sides
    are sharp, matte and glossy surfaces are in a good match. The clasp bears the Citizen logo.

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    Sapphire crystal looks quite natural.

    The watch is thin; the thickness is 9 mm, and the width is 40 mm. The weight is about 130 gr.

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    The watch is 100 meters waterproof; the AQ1030-57H model is one of the few watches,
    where the manufacturer is presenting a screwed crown protected by the case influx.
    The back cover is also screwed.

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    The hands and the hour indices are covered with light accumulating composition,
    the color is green; and its shining through the entire night and until morning.
    The hands and marks are polished, beautifully playing with reflection when impinging
    light appears.

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    The caliber is solar powered (Eco-drive); that is why inscriptions on the dial look,
    as if hovering over it. This is a characteristic feature of solar panels. For the
    convenience of the owner, the battery charge indicator is located not far from the 9
    hours mark.
    The date window is found quite near the 3 hours mark. The perpetual calendar is
    provided in the watch.

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    The dial color is graphite or dark gray. It looks in a very peculiar and unusual way.
    I have never seen such a shade among the luxury watches. And it looks more
    attractive, than black.

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    Separately, I would like to mention the watch 10-year warranty; the company
    taking care of its customers is really amazing.

    Let me conclude by saying that The Citizen Eco-Drive probably appears to be the
    best general purpose watch in the world. Judge it for yourself; you are facing
    unmatched accuracy, entire autonomy (perpetual calendar and solar power) and the
    excellent support by the manufacturer.

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    Re: The Citizen AQ1030-57H

    Did you tried it with a leather strap? I think it would look great with a black one, thanks for sharing!

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    Re: The Citizen AQ1030-57H

    Quote Originally Posted by Gregorinho View Post
    Did you tried it with a leather strap? I think it would look great with a black one, thanks for sharing!

    I think on the belt will look great, we were measuring

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    Re: The Citizen AQ1030-57H

    This is a beautiful watch. I have the previous version. The citizen chronomaster

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    Re: The Citizen AQ1030-57H

    Beautiful watch.. Question: Does Citizen provide a special warranty if you buy this model, or is it 10 years in other countries (besides the US)?

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    Re: The Citizen AQ1030-57H

    Hi! You can tell more about the quality of the case and bracelet? Compare with Grand Seiko? Pins of the bracelet do not fall? When you hold it in his hand felt $ 2000?)) You swam in them?
    Sorry that a lot of questions, but very interesting).
    Many thanks!

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    Re: The Citizen AQ1030-57H

    Looks very comparable to the GS Quartz with black dial.
    This has a perpetual calendar which the GS does not.
    In my respectful opinion the Citizen would look more attractive without the power reserve indication.
    Notwithstanding that, I would gladly have this on my wrist
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