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    This is my first post on this forum, having read and learned much from it over the years.

    As the forum requests reviews, I thought I'd give it a go, albeit from very much a layman's point of view.

    I am not by any means a watch expert, having mainly worn G-Shocks until fairly recently. Before that I wore a Tag Heuer 2000 series that was an 18th birthday gift (a long time ago!). I still own that watch but it sits unused and flat batteried, probably due to its small size compared to current styles.

    One thing I have grown to love from my G-Shock experience is the 'set it and leave it' convenience that solar atomic watches bring. And that brings me to the Citizen AT4110-55E.

    I wanted the same worry free timekeeping that the Casios gave me but in a more 'grown up' / analogue form. Having viewed various Casio atomic analogues, nothing really appealled. Then I read about Citizen and its Eco-Drive, Radio Controlled range. I looked online and saw the AT4110-55E at a decent price, so decided to get one.

    My first impression was that the watch was pretty big, quite heavy (what isn't compared to a G-Shock?) and well made. The quality did stand out straight away.

    In particular the bracelet strikes me as being really good. It is similar in style to my old Tag's bracelet but seems better made and the clasp is far easier to open.

    Another nice touch is the Sapphire glass. I don't wear the watch whilst doing anything too extreme, but it is unmarked and seems to gleam.

    This is the kind of watch that (even 6 months after purchase) I find myself staring at and fiddling with. The display is large and comprehensive. Some might say busy, but I guess that's inevitable given the features it packs in.

    I have read some reviews that say it is too complicated to set up and use. I disagree. There's great videos on YouTube showing initial setup. After that there's not really much to change. The main functions are accessed using the central crown.

    One particular myth about this watch that I have read (and the E650 movement it is based on) that I'd like to address is that the Chronograph is difficult / time consuming to access and use. It's really not. If done swiftly, the time hands don't move out of position and you can be in stopwatch mode within a second. I think this feature allows the watch to maintain one of the things I love about the watch; that being when in time mode it has a continuously moving second hand, which is unusual for a chronograph watch, where it is usually static at the 12 o'clock position.

    I am based in the South East of the UK, and the Citizen syncs most nights to the atomic clock, keeping it bang on time.

    In terms of the Eco-Drive movement, the charge bar generally shows just below full, however on the rare occasions when it gets full sun (this is England after all!), it does seem to go higher. I love the idea of not having to worry about battery changes (at least for the foreseeable future).

    The watch features a rotating bezel that is turned with a second crown on the left hand side at the 8 o'clock position. This works smoothly. I don't really have an opinion at to whether this is better or worse than a traditional bezel that it turned manually, but it seems to work and I guess it keeps the design clean.

    I'll let you into a secret. After reading up about watches, I got an urge to buy a mechanical watch, namely a Seiko Monster (srp15). Initially I loved it and it relegated the AT4110 to the windowsill. However, the novelty of winding, adjusting and changing soon wore off and now I always wear the Citizen for its worry -free convenience, style and feature set.

    If I am passing a jewellers, I'll look at the Citizens and always see the AT4008 variants using the same movement. I like these too but somehow they look slightly lower quality in terms of finish to me.

    There are things that I would change about it. Nothing is perfect... The hands could be a bit thicker, the second hand doesn't always hit the markers bang on and it could maybe be a few grammes lighter, for example.

    However, overall I think this is pretty much my ideal watch. It gives me peace of mind, 100% accuracy, a lot of style for the price and just feels 'right' to me.

    Here are a few pros and cons to conclude:

    - Radio controlled
    - Solar powered (Eco-Drive)
    - Sapphire glass
    - Perpetual calendar
    - Great bracelet
    - Nice design (subjective I know)
    - Waterproof (200m)
    - 5 year warranty
    - Good value
    - I like that for a chronograph watch, it has a constant running second hand in normal mode

    - Watch hands could be a bit more legible
    - Second hand not bang on the markers
    - Quite heavy

    Here's a couple of (not great) pics for reference:
    Attached Images Attached Images

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    Re: Citizen AT4110-55E Nighthawk REVIEW

    Nice. Another in the (what appears to be) AT4000 series. Not sure I have seen one before without a 5 link bracelet. What does the crown on the left at 8:00 do, move the chapter ring?
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    Yes that's correct, the crown at 8 o'clock turns the inner dial / chapter ring.

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    Re: Citizen AT4110-55E Nighthawk REVIEW

    This is the best watch ever - no watch is more accurate (atomic time) - and it is solar, so the case seal never has to be broken to replace a battery, so it will always be waterproof and a SAPPHIRE crystal that cannot be scratched!! - I can't think of a watch that can compete with it, not even for $5,000

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    Re: Citizen AT4110-55E Nighthawk REVIEW

    I have one. Nice watch with many nice feature, especially its atomic function is really convenient.

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    Re: Citizen AT4110-55E Nighthawk REVIEW

    i've got the digi-ana version and it is just as sweet
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