Citizen "nighthawk" AS2020 11H Review (really just a first impression)
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Thread: Citizen "nighthawk" AS2020 11H Review (really just a first impression)

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    Citizen "nighthawk" AS2020 11H Review (really just a first impression)

    Im gonna go out of m way to screw up this review. Apologies in advance.

    So its not a nighthawk, doesn't say nighthawk anywhere. I have owned an AS4020, black dial on a stainelss strap for well over a year and I wanted another "nighthawk" type watch. These are actually part of the promaster series and since I find the nighthawks available here in the US is kind of "meh", I went the overseas route. They are also easier to find if you search for nighthawk because overseas retailers know that people are a bit confused.

    I like the nighthawk misnomer because the 2020, 2031, and 4020 are all bad ass pilot's watches and even it its not official, they deserve the name. Im the proud owner of an AS4020 in SS with the SS strap and Ive never regretted that purchase, and just love how that watch looks even after almost 2 years of wear, its big but not too big, busy, but very readable, simple, yet a swiss army knife of numbers on your wrist.

    Naturally I decided to get a second ecodrive watch, mostly because I wanted to try the simpler dial and leather strap. I paid about 375 USD for it and it took a little over a week for it to get to my door in NYC. I spent about a month looking for a nighthawk different enough to warrant the purchase, and it was a toss up between another AS4020 (but with the white dial), and the AS2020 11H. I fell in love with the 11H, took about a month to think it over, which just made me want it more. I pulled the trigger and man am I happy.

    Right out of the box, its a beauty, really light compared to the 4020, but that makes sense with the OEM leather and the 44mm case size. This is also when I panicked a little. I normally don't go for watches under 46- 47MM because I lift and they disappear one me. The panic subsided as I set it by the window to get a charge built up, and it looked freakin' fantastic. I lucked in to figuring out the clasp sizing technique and slapped it on my wrist. It's just so damn pretty. Citizen knows how to make a good looking watch, and a really sexy caseback too. Unfortunately they seem to keep the best designs to europe and we generally get the "meh" stock. Ill just deal with the lack of size and height by being overcome by the overall looks.

    Im wearing it all day today, its built up a charge pretty quickly, its really comfortable, the strap is very easy to adjust and the color scheme is manly as hell.

    Here's where I come across the faults. It hasn't got any knurling around the bezel (the as4020 looks amazing with the knurling) and the mineral crystal sticks out past the bezel edges, so its like a boxer sticking its chin right out there to get a big ol' scratch. The slide rule also isn't super tight, it seems to be just loose enough to annoy me but tight enough to function. I dont know the first thing about slide rules so it doesnt bother me, but still, nearly $400, so you'd think a sapphire crystal isn't totally unreasonable.

    The radio control function doesnt work outside of Germany, but so what.

    Pics (from my facebook):

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    Thanks for looking.
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    Re: Citizen "nighthawk" AS2020 11H Review (really just a first impression)

    I like it, nice review.


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