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    CITIZEN Titanium Aquamount JP3050-55

    Hello, friends! I recently purchased an excellent watch - CITIZEN Titanium Aquamount JP3050-55. Watch are great, but there is one problem - the short bracelet. I need only one link. Can someone help me? Thank you!

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    Re: CITIZEN Titanium Aquamount JP3050-55

    Long time ago, but I have a spare link you can have for free, just pay for postage. I have this same watch, but it suffered a heavy blow in a motorbike accident. Bezel scratched, glass destroyed, movement needs a little work but still goes. Sadly not made anymore and the national citizen office quoted me nearly 1000 NZD to repair or 50% off a new watch. I like this watch though, but I can order a new one from overseas for less than that. It only cost me 275NZD when I bought new in 2011.

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