Citizen World Chronograph A-T AT8110-02A (AT8110-11A) Review
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Thread: Citizen World Chronograph A-T AT8110-02A (AT8110-11A) Review

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    Citizen World Chronograph A-T AT8110-02A (AT8110-11A) Review

    A quick look at Citizen World Chronograph A-T, Model No AT8110-02A (and AT8110-11A should be the same), I have seen some forum members own variations of the series but no review for this particular model.
    Looking for some change of adjusting time and date on my automatic I took a look at the radio controlled watches and trying to keep the analogue look steered away from the Casio range of Wave Ceptors, concentrating on Eco Drives. Main features I was looking for were leather strap (preferably with clasp), perpetual calendar with day and date display, mid-size watch (6 ¾ wrist and I believe 40mm case width is my sweet spot). My first favourite was AT4000-02A the only downside I could tell was the Tachymeter engraved bezel which was of no use to me, and I would prefer a cleaner looking watch (I know the many dials of Eco Drives are not giving the cleanest look but..). So while on the hunt for a good price I stumbled on AT8110-02A and.. “What a beauty!” I thought.

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    Did not need a lot of time to grab one and yesterday 7:30 AM the postman scared the crap out of me banging at the door. I put it aside giving myself some time to get the courage to open the box and have my heart shattered to pieces as the Citizen box inside was looking just a bit tatty, opened quite too easily and the watch in the hard shell had no protective film on the glass, and partial one on the clasp. I’ll leave my conversation with the seller for another time and will move on to the details.
    I have seen it advertised both as dress and everyday watch so here it is in action.
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    The 43 mm case does not look too big, at least it will not make me give up on this one. On many stock pictures it looks like brushed metal but it is polished and you get the relevant reflections and fingerprint smudges. The crown and the buttons are flush and not as long and protruding like the other models. The trouble though is I cannot pull the crown while the watch is on my hand and I had to take it off so I can make the adjustment. It will probably not bother you as it is meant to be “set and forget” watch (unless you change time zones quite often).

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    I had no trouble acquiring the DCF77 signal in North East England. The day of the week marking are really small – I guess once used to the dial layout you will need just to take a glimpse of it and say the day of the week, but I was surprised of the small font initially (it might have been made in attempt to prevent dial looking too busy). The watch is quiet! It is something important for me as I am usually sleeping on my hand and a loud quartz or rushing automatic will irritate me and make me take the watch off. The other Eco Drive I own is absolutely mute.

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    The clasp is push button type. I cannot tell how comfortable it would be on the long run but I noticed it helps stopping the strap from rotating on my wrist (an experience I had with my other Eco Drive with buckle).
    And.. worst for the last.. The hands are blue and you can get different intensity of the blue depending on the light.. but no lume.. and being so thin I found myself struggling to tell the time in the overcast afternoon (forget about the night). I tried again early in the morning and was often getting confused by the vertical hand of the top dial (DST setting/Power Reserve). And that is not just about the lack of lume, it’s about contrast and readability – I don’t have this problem with my other watches.

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    So – a dress watch or daily beater, all in one or no man’s land? I really like the looks and would like to use it as my everyday go to.. but what good if I cannot read it half of the time? It has the potential for a dress watch but in the given price range and solely dress watch use I would go with a Visodate.
    This model has no alarm, but it has never been in my required features and probably would have been unused option.
    Finally, I don’t see why it should be listed in the Men section only..

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    Re: Citizen World Chronograph A-T AT8110-02A (AT8110-11A) Review

    Great review...!

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    Re: Citizen World Chronograph A-T AT8110-02A (AT8110-11A) Review

    I agree that it can be hard to tell the time in certain light conditions. I have the AT8110-53E with the black dial and struggle to tell the time on occasions without tilting the watch to a certain angle. As you mention, the upper chronograph hand is quite large and can add to the confusion.

    For me this is not a daily beater but a dress watch for certain occasions and imo looks stunning, which is why I bought it along with the radio controlled feature.

    I particularly liked the highly polished bracelet and case.

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    Re: Citizen World Chronograph A-T AT8110-02A (AT8110-11A) Review

    Well, it turned out to be more of a daily beater, simply because I like it quite a lot.. Went back just for few days to one of the automatic Seikos and could not help but notice the glare from the lume walking in the hallway in the evening (I so wish for a full dial lume mod for the Citizen). Leaving the auto on the window sill to find it run out of power reserve in couple of days though made me reach back for the Citizen..
    Unfortunately.. just after three months of pretty much regular use this happened:
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    Although the leather band seems solid, the small hoop came undone.. Any recommendations for a particular type/brand of glue as I am not going through the hassle to send it back under warranty just because of that..

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    Re: Citizen World Chronograph A-T AT8110-02A (AT8110-11A) Review

    Nice watch. As for fixing the strap keeper, I'd degrease the ends to be glued with some liquid lighter fuel (Zippo, Ronsonol or similar) and then use a little super-glue, and maybe use a clamp with the jaws wrapped in bits of polythene bag (that the glue won't stick to) to hold it in place for a few minutes while the glue sets up.
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    Re: Citizen World Chronograph A-T AT8110-02A (AT8110-11A) Review

    I previously owned the CB0010-53L which is another atomic model although not chronograph. It has fairly decent lume. Here is a picture when it was 5 years old and the lume was not quite as good.
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