Citizen World Perpetual A-T CB0166-54H Review

Thread: Citizen World Perpetual A-T CB0166-54H Review

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    Citizen World Perpetual A-T CB0166-54H Review

    My sister and I are getting our dad a watch for Fathers Day. He's a bit of a technology geek, and he likes things that are simple, durable, reliable, and not overly fancy. He doesn't really know anything about watches. For years he's been wearing a Timex. So, here's the criteria I had for picking a watch out for him:

    • Sapphire crystal for durability
    • At least 100m water resistance for durability
    • On a bracelet, not a strap
    • Solar powered and radio controlled for perfect time keeping and set-it-and-forget-it
    • Either gold colored or two tone with some gold color on it to match his wedding band.
    • 40+mm size since he's a big guy with big wrists
    • Uncluttered and highly legible dial
    • Reasonably priced, preferably under $300

    I ended up settling on the Citizen World Perpetual A-T CB0166-54H. It ticks all my boxes, mostly, and I got it for a great deal. You can find it around ~$250 on the web all the time, but I happened to catch it when the price dropped (very briefly) to $200 on Amazon. I also like how easily you can switch time zones, and the watch continues to keep perfect time while you do so. My mom and dad travel a good bit now that they have more disposable income since my sister and I are grown and out of the house and their house is paid for haha.

    I know my dad will like and appreciate the technology in it, and the durability should mean he wears this thing for a decade or two.

    I haven't really seen any reviews on these anywhere, or real-life pictures, hence this post.

    You can look up the specs here ::

    A few thoughts:
    • The hour and minute hands are lumed, but that's all that's lumed
    • The second hand is white, but not lumed
    • The second hand hits the tick marks pretty much perfect all the way around
    • The hour and minute hands look like the tips are split, but they are not, that's a line of black paint. I think it would look better without the black line.
    • The bracelet has a half link on each side of the clasp to fine tune the fit
    • The clasp is stamped, and is not adjustable
    • In person there's not as much contrast between the gold and silver as seen in photos
    • The sides of the case and bracelet links are polished, whereas the 'tops' are brushed. On the top of the case the brushing radiates out from the center of the dial, a nice touch IMO
    • The dial has two textures going on - the outer ring has concentric ridges, sorta looks like a vinyl record. The inner part has vertical ridges.
    • The indices are gold tone and applied and add some nice depth. However, at certain angles in certain lighting situations they can be hard to see against the dial background. More contrast here would be nice.
    • The date window background is the same color as the dial. The date is kinda small and set fairly deep (typical of many Citizens)
    • The radio reception info is also set back in a window cut into the dial
    • It does use a proprietary bracelet, so if you wanted to put it on a strap you'd have to do something custom/modified. Or get a strap from Citizen, they offer this same with in a few other colors with leather straps.
    • The bracelet is 24 or 25mm at the lugs and tapers to 20mm at the clasp.

    All in all, I think it's a great watch, especially for the money - that's a lot of watch for $200!! My only real complaint is I wish the indices had more contrast and/or were lumed so they'd be easier to see in all conditions. They show up better in photos than they sometimes do in real life.

    And now for pics! No wrist shot as it isn't sized for me.

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    Re: Citizen World Perpetual A-T CB0166-54H Review

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