Which Citizens are Eco-Drive Pepsi divers?

Thread: Which Citizens are Eco-Drive Pepsi divers?

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    Which Citizens are Eco-Drive Pepsi divers?

    Hi all, I was interested in the Citizen BM0561 Pepsi diver, but have been having trouble locating one, so I wanted to know if there were any others? Feel free to make this thread a list of your favorites, as I'm definitely interested in seeing what Citizen has to offer in terms of Eco-Drive Pepsi divers. I know Seiko has a few great ones, but I'm transitioning from autos to solar quartz watches...

    This is the Citizen
    BM0561 I mentioned above, and if you know of one for sale, please shoot me a PM:


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    Re: Which Citizens are Eco-Drive Pepsi divers?

    Try BN0001-01L. If you google it, then you will find pics and reviews.
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    Re: Which Citizens are Eco-Drive Pepsi divers?

    Did you find one?? If you have well done because they seem very elusive and any that occasionally pop up on the 'bay' dont live up to the sellers hyped descripts! But I know what you mean --they are a beauty.
    My dad bought one from H samuel approx 5-6 yrs ago and it wasnt at all cheap! But thats H sams for you. The feel of it, weight and build instantly grabbed my attention and I spent the next 4 years looking for a good used one. They seem very few and far between for good honest ones, unlike many other ctzn diver variants in this price bracket or similar,they produce, which seem to be so easy to find, new or used, that they have lost some cred value I believe. The BM0561 looks and feels pure quality against those side by side imho. Only my opinion though before I get forum flogged!
    Whilst I'm not especially thinking of parting with mine, I might consider it on an exchange basis for the right auto/kinetic diver-and could add a few £ into the mix if it were needed (and vise-versa). . I still have my box and links with the paperwork too.

    Thats if you havent found one yet anyway. If not and you fancy a deal WHY? -- PM me and we might sort something out......?
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