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    Eco Drive - info please

    Hello folks:

    I haven't posted for a while but I'm still a very avid and frequent reader of this magnificent, instructional and unique site.

    I need your help identifying the watch shown below and providing some more info and also some suggestions and/or advise about it. I'm a fan of automatic watches but once in a while I have a hard time trying to exclude exceptions to my collection (thanks to this site which "sank" me in this never-stops hobby ). I am about to make my first personal incursion into the Eco Drive field (I had bought a Silhouette for my wife before), but I haven't been able to find enough reliable info about this particular watch shown below. Therefore, your help identifying it and providing further info is appreciated in advance.

    It's being sold at a reputable store chain. I actually tried it on my hand and its bracelet didn't give me a good impression (maybe it's because I'm use to the solid SS in all my bracelet watches). Even though it's described as "stainless steel bracelet", its very thin clasp looks and feels like tin. The whole bracelet feels very light, like hollow, not solid stainless steel links. I've read that many of you don't care very much about the original bracelet quality when buying a watch as many of you opt to replace it anyways; but the poor feel of the bracelet along with the lack of basic info on the dial (i.e., water resistance?) contributed to my doubts about the quality of this particular watch. Or maybe the quality should be refered about the watch alone and not of its bracelet...?

    As you will see in the picture below (which honestly doesn't do justice to the watch), there is no indication of water resistance, country, etc., on its dial. As I'm not really familiar with the Citizen brand, I wonder if it's normal for a $250 Citizen watch not to show such info on its face dial?

    Is it really worth $250 at regular price? Some times I think that the "regular" price may be inflated to attract buyers with the "sale" price, which might very well be the actual "value" price.

    Please feel free to ask more questions to help identifying the type and quality of this watch, as well as the approximate real value of it. Your comments, opinions and suggestions are all welcome. Many thanks in advance to all of you reading this post. Let's start a conversation.

    Here is what I have (picture and description copied and pasted from the original posting website):

    Citizen® Men's Eco-Drive Stainless Steel Watch

    • Classic dress is revisited with this traditionally designed timepiece featuring a stainless steel case and bracelet with a silver-tone dial. Also boasts a 41mm case, date feature, and is water resistant to 50 metres. Eco-Drive. Fuelled by light. Any light. A watch that never needs a battery.
    • Men's watch
    • Displays stick position indicators only (no numbers)
    • Round analog dial face
    • Stainless steel band
    • Fold-over clasp with push-button closure
    • Water resistant to 50 m (5 ATM)
    • Citizen® Eco-Drive solar cell battery type
    • No batteries required
    • Citizen Eco-Drive Technology
    • A watch that never needs a battery
    • 5 Year Limited Warranty
    • 41mm stainless steel case and bracelet
    • Silver-tone dial with date

    Sale Price: $99.00
    Save $151.00
    Regular Price: $250.00
    Now $99.00 until February 14, 2015
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    Re: Eco Drive - info please

    This looks like model AW1370-51A.

    It is not unusual for the information you mentioned to be omitted from a watch dial, especially for a non-sporty watch like this one. However it is most likely printed on the caseback (and it seems that you found the spec above anyway).

    I have not seen this watch "in the flesh" but from your description it sounds like a folded bracelet, which is sometimes used to achieve a lower price than a standard solid bracelet.

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    Re: Eco Drive - info please

    Trampoline is right on the model no. It's 50 m WR which you can usually assume (or maybe 30) if the dial or case back doesnt specifically mention - at least with Citizen. Not sure what year was released but probably 2-4 yrs ago. Often the MSRP is higher than what you can find on-line. Just be cautious as if the retailer is not an AD then your warranty may be void. Careful if you think you might switch the band after buying as this model doesn't look like it has a solid end link (SEL) with the lugs on either side. A std spring bar leather band won't work if that is the case. I have this problem with one of my Citizen watches. Some sites will let you make an offer (e.g. Discount watch store) as they are trying to clear old inventory. 100 bones isnt bad for an Eco-Drive like this one but may be able to do better with a little more hunting. I bought my first one in 1997 after finishing college and it keeps time just as well as anothe Eco-Drive imbought last year. So the cost of ownership is low.
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    Re: Eco Drive - info please

    Thanks Trampoline and MaDTempo for your replies and info.

    I also posted a similar question in the store website, but I got a vague reply: "Sorry, this item is no longer available". For me, it shouldn't have matter; they should have given me the basic info I asked anyways. After reading their reply, I went to their local store the next day and there I found it (not too many were sold that fast, even though the clerk had told me before they only had three of them in stock (?). I found one more on other counter that they didn't even know about it. Everything looked so strange to me but anyways, back to the main.

    I bought the watch at the local AD store, ...but the watch didn't "hit" me (not really impressed). I don't know, it doesn't appeal to me... I have a mix feeling with this watch: when I look at the price I think I can't go wrong; when read what MaDTempo wrote above, I think he's right: I could find other timepieces more appealing to me on this price range. I took a couple of shots at it (the picture I borrowed from the store website is worse than mine

    One of the things that really put me down was the fact that the second hand not always lands straight on top of the numerals or markers, particularly on the left-hand side on the dial (from 6 to 12, approximately). It looks to me like a defect on the dial markings... Another thing I don't like is that the hands luminosity is very VERY vague, almost non-existent. There is no luminosity on numerals and markers.

    Again, my question from the beginning: what am I paying here for? The (Citizen) brandname or the (Eco-drive) technology, or a combination of both? I don't see anything worth $250 MSRP. And I keep bringing this up because I think that IF the original MSRP would have been only $100 or slightly above, I don't think I would have pay it for this watch. What brought my attention to this watch was the 60% discount off the "original" price. I thought I was getting a bargain, a steal. Was it real? Hum..., I'm not sure now.

    I may have to decide today if I'm going to keep it or return it... Tough (because I like watches anyways ). But maybe this will help me keep a streamline and hopefully my collection within certain limits: only mechanical watches.

    I'll keep trying, ...hard!
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