My first Eco-Drive AW1018-55E

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    My first Eco-Drive AW1018-55E

    My first post on WUS but I seriously doubt it will be my last. I've owned a lot of watches over the years and, after lurking on this site for a while reading about them, I decided to pull the trigger on an Eco-Drive. I liked the styling of several models but wasn't sold on the whole 'solar' thing so I decided to buy one of the less expensive ones. When I saw the AW1018-55E go on sale, I could not resist. I have wanted a blacked-out watch to add to the collection for a while and this was a way to scratch two itches at once. It's been my EDC watch about a week now and have to say I am completely sold. The accuracy for the price is impressive and the fact that it never needs wound or a battery, just some occasional light, has me hooked.

    The AW1018-55E is a bit thinner than I expected for its 43mm case width but not so thin that is is unusual. The edges (under the crown and opposite the crown) round up from the case back so it fits my arm well, even when moving or typing. The design is meant to be understated. Black ion plate all around with silver hands (no Lume) and a white second hand. It has a stationary bezel and mineral glass crystal. Water Resistant - 5 bar.

    I still like my automatics, but see a few more Eco-Drives in my future. No introductory post is complete without some photos, so here are a couple of the newest addition (until this weekend when my latest ebay find arrives haha).


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    Re: My first Eco-Drive AW1018-55E

    Welcome to the forum! Enjoy your new Eco-Drive, they are quite nice!

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