Hey All:

So I came across a Citizen Perpetual Chronograph and was really impressed and decided to do some more research, and a week later I'm worse off than I was after all the research -- not sure which one to buy...

Really like these models, in no particular order:


Loads of options: I need a chronograph, has to be radio-controlled and have a metal bracelet. Beyond that, this is my wish list:

Non-Reflective Sapphire Crystal
World Time

I like pretty much the entire line cosmetically speaking, so I'm just wondering if there is an AT perpetual model out there with super-titanium/regular titanium and the other features above. I really like the Blue Angels chrono (the one listed above, the 54L) especially because it's a world time model and has no digital component to it (won't do any watch with digital display) but it's SS without a Tach.

The other issue I've come across is some of these have a very odd chronograph feature where you need to play with the crown to arm the chrono function (WTF?). I'm used to Breitling, Chase Durer and Invicta movements and this seems ridiculous, but not the end of the world per se.

Anyone have any recommendations? Thanks in advance.