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    REVIEW: Citizen AW1401-50E, J810 Movement

    REVIEW: CITIZEN AW1401-50E "Super Titanium" J810 movement
    I have always been interested in getting a Titanium watch since I first became aware of them in the mid 1990’s. Light weight, corrosion resistance, hypo-allergenic. For some reason or another, perhaps Pulsar, Tudor, or Casio kept me away as, let’s be honest, watches these days last “forever”. Saw this watch for sale and became immediately interested. I wanted TITANIUM and SOLAR POWER. It must be “Brand New old Stock” as it came with the box and tag still on bracelet. It seems this model is a few years old as I cannot find it on any CITIZEN site. It was never worn. I am unable to find a review for it so here goes……

    So they say....I recognize that the Titanium used on this watch is high quality and differs from the Titanium used back in the 1990's. Is it "Harder"? Is it "Scratch Resistant"? I'm not sure, time will tell. I have only had the watch one week. Sure, I can find some small scratches with my Jewelers Lens but I don't think that is fair. It does NOT say anywhere on the watch that it is "Super Titanium", nor does it say "Duratec" etc. I did see it mention "Super Titanium" when I search this model on the web.

    The Polished and Brushed style follows the classic “Rolex” lines, metal body, and metal strap. The black face is large, the crystal is 35mm diameter. The crown is protected by “shoulders” (a must have for me). The crown itself is polished and has 6 large “ribs” with a Mat finish face. The folding buckle has 2 fine tune settings and is secured by a twin button clasp. No quick settings for a wetsuit, no fold over clasp for added security…none expected as this is NOT a dive watch. Links are mostly brushed in finish with a polished edge placed to capture and reflect light. The bezel is also polished as are the upward facing sides of the body. In the right light these polished edges make the watch seem a lot brighter than the true “Titanium grey” of the watch. I have seen other color options in this style, notably a WHITE face, but I imagine it would be difficult to tell the time as the hands are also white.

    FACE / CASE:
    I find the BLACK face elegant and uncluttered. The only words on the front are Citizen, Eco-Drive and Titanium. The second hand is blue as is the marker at the “12” position. The hours and minute markers are just under the completely flat SAPPHIRE glass where the face, and its markers of 5, 10, 15 etc are lower down. The Bezel has a grove cut into it at every 10 min marker. The Back is ETCHED with the Citizen Eco-Drive logo etc. I would have preferred it to be CARVED into the back.
    LUME!! The Lume is one of the first things that stood out to me. It is the best of any watch I have ever owned! It is ONLY ON the Hour and Min hands. It glows a Blue/Green and lasts all night making it easy to read the time, any time. The watch is very comfortable to wear and does NOT pull on your hair. I had to remove 1 link and use the fine tune to get the size where I want it. CAUTION, the pin has a tiny “SPLIT TUBE” holding it in, needless to say don’t lose it if you do the sizing yourself. The titanium color is a bit of a chameleon. It varies in shades of gray to almost stainless steel in brightness depending on the light.

    Fantastic buy! This watch is at home with a dress shirt or a swim suit. You can forget you are wearing it as it is light and comfortable. Love the fact that the hands contrast with the face, easy to tell the time at a glance. The links and case have smooth edges, care has been taken in production making for a watch that is a delight to wear.
    One last thought….In rating a watch I always ask myself “What watch would you wear if you were going on a 3 month world tour??” ROLEX? No way! Heavy, uncomfortable high maintenance. CITIZEN, AW1401-50E, Titanium, Eco Drive? Or CASIO G Shock Tough Solar Multi-Band 6?? Hmmmmm
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    Re: REVIEW: Citizen AW1401-50E, J810 Movement

    Excellent review. Well done

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    Re: REVIEW: Citizen AW1401-50E, J810 Movement

    Looks great, what's the case diameter?

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