Review citizen CA0260-52E , the undestroyable watch , pictures included

Thread: Review citizen CA0260-52E , the undestroyable watch , pictures included

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    Review citizen CA0260-52E , the undestroyable watch , pictures included


    This is my first review. I've been looking over on the watchuseek forums for quite a while now but I felt like I should give my contribution to the community.

    When I choose to treat myself for the first time with a 'real' watch, I did what I do every time I buy something more expensive. I did a little research.

    I found out that I really needed a sapphire crystal , titanium body , at least 10 bar of water resistance AND it had to maintain it's energy as long as possible as I didn't wanted to change the battery every year.
    This gave me only 2 choices : 1) I have to buy an automatic watch 2) I need to look at alternative energy sources like the solar powered eco-drive system of Citizen.

    An automatic watch wouldn't have survived very long with me + the idea of having to expose my watch in the sun for one day to power the watch for 7 months really looked like an amazing feature. So I went for a citizen watch.

    Buying the watch made me face one problem, in Belgium, you can't find citizen watches. So I bought it from Amazon.

    The first time I opened the box, I have to admit that I was a bit disappointed. The watch looked bigger on the internet, and the outer rings of the dial have some kind of reliëf that made the watch lose some of its classy look. I also expected for some reason that a sapphire crystal was always in the shape of a dome, so seeing a flat 'glas' was quite surprising for me.

    But after adjusting the wristband and putting the watch on my wrist, I realised that the quality of the watch is amazing. The blue lumen after spending a day in the sun is magnificent and really handy, it isn't as bright as some might expect but at the end , it helped me more than once in situations that a bright screen of a smartphone was inappropriate to use ( cinema , theater ,.. ). I also realised that with my small wrists, the 43mm body was the biggest thing I could wear.

    But the first time I actually fell in love with my watch was when I forgot to take it of when I took my shower. The water resistance of 100m is not only handy, but I found out that a 'wet' watch has a certain beauty. ( not easy to capture in a picture)

    Now during a year of use, the watch has been worn while taking showers , swimming , playing beach volleyball ( not so smart as sand and ball sports usually aren't so compatible with watches ) , biking , events of all kinds , exams and so on. ( it actually never left my wrist for longer than a day) It has been knocked against doors more times than I could count, has been shaken like a madman during mountain bike sessions, has been exposed to multiple chemical products ( while cleaning etc), ... and it never showed any problems whatsoever. Watchlovers might find me a barbarian for the way I treated my watch but as a student, a watch needs to be undestroyable, and it is !

    What seems to be 'destroyable' in the meanwhile is titanium. It scratched far easier than I thought it would. Not only could I find the well expected 'desk scratches' but I also detected scratches on the whole watch .

    What are my regrets after buying this watch ?
    Actually none, but that doesn't mean I wouldn't change some things to it. First of all , I would have liked to have the little details in the 'second' hand like it has in the nighthawk series. Same with the crown, that is rather bold on this watch. 2) is that I would take a duratec treated version of titanium. 3) Having the date that always counts to 31 seems a bit stupid. But hey a perpetual calendar consumes lots of energy. So changing the date every to months seems like the only option i got. 4) I would have loved to have my chronometer be able to count 24 hours instead of one. And last but not least , having an universal way to change the bracelet. For the moment , I don't think it's possible to do so. A leather bracelet may be for example less suited for waterproof situations, but it would give the watch a more classy look. ( But in a shopping center a saleswoman told me she might be able to order some other bracelets at citizen so we'll see what will happen )

    But at the end , I really love my watch , it has a great readability ( that's why a nighthawk wasn't an option for me ), looks good in every situation, it's durable , never faced any low energy warnings and that while I used the chrono function way more than I should ( the 'seconds' hand will start to move every 2 seconds instead of one to save battery ) AND while living in a country that is known for being cloudy all the time!

    Oh and I have received dozens of compliments for this watch, coming from people of all kinds of classes and fellow law students.

    ps As this is my first review for a watch, I might have forgotten some important details, don't hesitate to ask me about them.
    pps some pictures show some dust on the watch , but it isn't under the glass. It's just me who forgot to clean it before taking the pictures.

    And just to end the review : here are the specs given by the citizen website :


    MODEL: CA0260-52E

    Movement Eco-Drive B612
    Functions 1/5 Second Chronograph
    Band Silver Tone Titanium Bracelet, Fold Over Clasp with Push Button
    Case Size 43mm
    Case Material Silver Tone Titanium
    Water Resistance WR100/10Bar/333ft
    Swimming, Showering & Snorkeling
    Attached Images Attached Images

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