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    Skyhawk A-T TI - RC question


    I'm really contemplating buying a Skyhawk A-T TI for Christmass, but I have a quick question regarding the A-T portion of it.
    I live in a timezone that has none of the cities that are configurable on the watch (Atlantic Standard Time, New Brunswick, Canada). As I understand it, I would need to set the "HOM" city as the city of residence and then set the hours difference to / from UTC.
    Any of you guys live in this time zone and can confirm that the A-T feature works here?
    Would the DST work automatically in case I set "HOM" as home city?


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    Re: Skyhawk A-T TI - RC question

    you can manually turn Daylight Savings time on and off for your timezone. And you should set your watch to SCL- Santiago Chile, not in your hemisphere but the same -4 relation to UTC that you are...

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