Titanium Citizen Promaster AS4050-51E works in north America
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Thread: Titanium Citizen Promaster AS4050-51E works in north America

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    Titanium Citizen Promaster AS4050-51E works in north America

    About a month ago, I got a new Citizen Eco-drive AS4050-51E. It is made entirely of titanium (except for the SS bezel ring), it has the eco-drive system, it is radio controlled from the atomic clock in Germany, it has an anti-reflective sapphire crystal that gives a little of purple color to it. I knew that this watch was only made to receive waves from Europe and it would not work in Canada where I live. I did not really care because I loved the watch, I wanted it anyways. I was just afraid it would not work at all without the radio control. Fortunately, it works flawlessly in north America; in the manual they say it will gain or lose around 15 seconds a months without radio waves. I don't mind 15 seconds! It has a 24h dial, days or the week, chronograph, alarm, dual time zones. The watch has a precise slide ruler that is controlled with the knob at 8 o'clock. But this slide only measure aviation related calculations like fuel consumption, navigation, ground speed, distance conversions, etc. It doesn't have the amount of calculations that the Seiko SNA411 have (the Seiko can even calculate rule-of-three, square root, etc). I love this watch and I am really happy I bought it, I wanted a titanium watch for a long time and this is my first one. Since I love pilot's watches and gadgets, it's a perfect match for me. The first impression I got when I hold it for the first time is of course the lightweight for its size, but the precision in general. This watch feels like a precise Japanese measuring instrument like Mitutoyo, the crown and the ruler knob have the same feel. Also, when you change function (dial at 6 o'clock), the hands move automatically to adjust to the new setting you selected. There is a cpu inside that keeps the time no matter what you see on the dial, and the motors move the hands to the right place to resume time. For example, the second hand moves to "yes" or "no" (orange markers) on the dial to show you what is the current setting selected. When you change time zone, the hands move automatically to the new time and keeps track of the other time in the cpu. If you select the chronograph for example, the seconds hand go to 12 and the week day dial go to 0 to show fractions of second (this dial has more than one use). When you change function, this watch looks like a robot from the future because all the hands move fast and go to their positions; people are very impressed when they see that and they just don't understand, it looks complicated and technical. It has the wonderful engraved logo on the case back. The case back cannot be removed because you don't need to change the battery or anything. This watch is made to work for 50 years nonstop or maybe more. Even during a zombie apocalypse (lol) you will still be fine because the watch will still work with the light. It will even keep the time during one year in darkness, which is pretty amazing. I really like the perpetual calendar on this watch, I never readjust the date each month, and even the week day is always accurate (it has the leap year setting). In my opinion, this Citizen has one of the best looking bracelet. The links have solid pins (not the regular folded ones) and little washers inside. I like the look of it and everything about that Citizen in fact. I really recommend it, it's so great!! Name:  1.jpg
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    Lightbulb Re: Titanium Citizen Promaster AS4050-51E works in north America

    If it can sync in Japan, you can also use a web page JJY Emulator to do it™, and there are also versions for euro radio signals.
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    Re: Titanium Citizen Promaster AS4050-51E works in north America

    Nice looking watch.

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    Re: Titanium Citizen Promaster AS4050-51E works in north America


    I am also interested in this watch and live in Montreal, where in Canada are you located? I want to also make sure it works, especially indoors.


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