Would you guys recommend the Citizen Nighthawk?
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Thread: Would you guys recommend the Citizen Nighthawk?

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    Would you guys recommend the Citizen Nighthawk?

    Specifically model BJ7005-59E, Love the all black look, with the white hands contrasting. I am hesitant because non sapphire and afraid it would get scratched up easily. Also barely any bezel which I'm on the fence about. Is the bracelet good quality and tight tolerance? Although I love my AT4010-54E, only thing that irks me is the loose bracelet. TIA

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    Re: Would you guys recommend the Citizen Nighthawk?

    Great looking watch i recommend, but i agree with you abt the glass material. Better to buy a sapphire like AT4007-54E
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    Re: Would you guys recommend the Citizen Nighthawk?

    I've had mine for nine years now, and still love it and wear it regularly.
    The bracelet is nice but like you said the mineral crystal gets pretty scratched up. However it's only about $100 for parts and labor for a replacement.

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    Re: Would you guys recommend the Citizen Nighthawk?

    The Nighthawk look complicated and cluttered. I will look for simple looking watch. It should have a sapphire crystal.
    and this is a titanium case. I loved it.

    Titanium case ,strap and sapphire crystal

    titanium case and and sapphire crystal

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    Re: Would you guys recommend the Citizen Nighthawk?

    I have the all black Nighthawk. I bought it in a bright shop and did not realize until later how difficult it really is to see the time without a spot light shining on it. It is presently in the shop getting a new crystal put in it. My own fault for wearing it to work and letting a self closing door brush against my arm as I walked through. On the bright side, the replacement crystal is only going to be $36 installed.

    When I get it back it will be sold. I bought a cheap Casio for work and have two other Citizens or daily wear.

    Would I recommend the Nighthawk? No.

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    I have the Citizen Nighthawk CA0295-58E. I absolutely love it! It is definitely not a night time watch but I do not have any issues reading it during the day. The solar powered watch has a nice power reserve and keeps accurate time. I do wish that it had at least a synthetic sapphire. The overall construction and quality of the watch is good. I will probably purchase the previous model with the slide rule before the end of the month.

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    Re: Would you guys recommend the Citizen Nighthawk?

    Love the nighthawk. I think the bracelet is quite good. As for the crystal. For this price range don't necessarily expect a sapphire crystal.

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    Re: Would you guys recommend the Citizen Nighthawk?

    The original Nighthawk was and still is one of the best watches I've ever owned! Wore mine DAILY from early 2000s up until 2011 when I sold it off and it was in great cosmetic and functional condition.

    Only watch that I've ever worn daily for such a stretch of time 10 years and not get bored with or have any issues with.

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    Re: Would you guys recommend the Citizen Nighthawk?

    no for me.

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    Re: Would you guys recommend the Citizen Nighthawk?

    I love my nighthawk (the pilot one with the inner rotating bezel and gmt hand rather than the all black version), but I hate the mesh bracelet it came on. The bracelet looks ok, but it isn't very flexible and on my wrist the butterfly clasp digs in. It is not a rock solid watch and you can see where some savings have been made, but I find the face very appealing and distinctive, for me it's a keeper

    With regards to the watch itself -
    pros :
    looks great,
    not as cluttered as the navihawk & skyhawk
    good lume.
    great depth to the display, the crystal almost disappears

    cons :
    not much thread on screw down crown
    short lugs means you might struggle with thick straps inc zulus
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