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    Re: 04. Vote: Bezel Features


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    Re: 04. Vote: Bezel Features


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    Re: 04. Vote: Bezel Features

    With a massive 75% of first-choice votes layout #3 is clearly the winner!

    Quote Originally Posted by PanKorop View Post
    Afterthought: (and sorry for that late wake-up, Arizone)
    It just occurs to me my vote here, as of many, has been biased: the single row bezels haven’t got a fair typo treatment.
    I mean, with only one row the font size for the numbers could be double what we see here, identical to that in double row.

    If the numbers in single row bezels had the same height as С,Ю,З,В it would largely improve their legibility vs double row.

    This was the initial reason of my favouring a hybrid (compass + time) single-line scale vs a full double row. I paray in advance it would confuse the time scale and the cardinal directions: they are quite well differentiated by colour already.
    Quote Originally Posted by Arizone View Post

    Please read and consider the following points before you cast your votes:

    • This vote is only for the bezel features you desire and the relative layout the final design of the bezel will use.
    • Exact bezel markings such a either red, white, triangles, dots, lines, etc., will be determined in future votes.

    I could not be more explicit if I tried.

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