The EBNER MEDIA GROUP and Rudolf Kreuzberger, founder of Munichtime and Viennatime, are now working even closer after years of media partnership.

The Munichtime, in its current form, is a fascinating and successful event that is still unique to customers in the German market. The development of the last two years has also shown that further development of the proven concept is necessary.
That is why Ebner Uhrenmedien decided to run a watch exhibition as a successor to the Munichtime under their own direction and thus to continue to secure the indispensable existence of a major watch event for customers in Germany.

There’s a predecessor for this, known as WatchTime New York, a show managed by the EBNER MEDIA GROUP subsidiary Ebner Publishing International in New York, which due to its great success on the US East Coast will also be held for the first time on the west coast of the US in Los Angeles this May.

As a „Watchtime Dusseldorf“ show, Ebner Uhrenmedia follows the wish expressed many times By exhibitors ans customers to have a large exhibition of watches also held in another German city. The Rhineland stands for a high-earning conurbation, which has a pronounced interest in high-quality watches. Belgium and Dutch border isn’t that far away. So watch enthusiasts from Belgium and NL might be attracted by the show as well.

Ebner Uhrenmedien places its contact with watch brands and the organization and execution of the event in the trusted hands of Rudolf Kreuzberger and together with him Ebner Uhrenmedien will realize a fresh and modern concept for the Watchtime Düsseldorf Show. The event will take place from 25.10. - 27.10.19 in the Rheinterrassen Dusseldorf.

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This hopefully ensures an exciting and successful event for both, exhibitors and end customers.